You Are What You Eat And Think And Do (Live Learning)

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Duration: single class, one hour

Date: Tuesday April 28

Time: 2-3PM PST (Pacific)

Approx. Ages: 13+

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Your parents were told that their genetics were fixed at birth and shaped their bodies and lives. Your grandparents discovered their path in life without any knowledge of their biochemistry or genetics. So, are your genetics in control of who you are, or are you in control of your genetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how your biology, including your DNA, changes in response to how you live your life. You are born with a fixed sequence of DNA that will not change (much) over your life. The various messages and signals coded in the DNA, however, may be turned on or off. Such changes in the expression of your genes are triggered by various stimuli, both from your surroundings as well as your internal chemistry.

This single-session course will provide a not-too-technical lecture and group discussion of how epigenetics can influence your life. Learners will gain insights to questions such as:
Why do identical twins grow less identical over time? Does that mean I will change, too?
How can chemicals entering my body as food and pollution affect my DNA?
Can positive thinking literally change my life by rewiring my genetics?

Course Instructor

Dr Scott B Dr Scott B Author

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