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Starts Thurs October 13th

Intro to Chemistry is a great first chemistry or science class. If you don’t know how to read the periodic table, then start here. Technically it’s a junior high level physical science class, plus much, much more. Gifted younger learners and high school learners new to chemistry also thrive here.

Starts Tues October 13

Writing Lab Reports: Separations is for learners of all levels. Do a chemistry experiment to separate, or purify, substances. Learn to write a report. Share your results with the class. The course is offered every month, with a different experiment each time.

Started Tues September 15th

First Semester Chemistry is a continuation of Intro to Chemistry, or for those who can already read a periodic table and write out reactions well. Note that it’s a full, first semester of chemistry topics, in a fun learning environment. It’s NOT a very first science class… start with Intro to Chemistry.

Starts Tues Oct 13th

Introduction to Organic Chemistry fits into the Immersive Chemistry Series upon completion of First Semester Chemistry. It is geared toward using Lewis structures to understand food molecules and biochemical reactions. Discover the fascinating chemistry of life!

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Learner Success Stories

Read from other homeschool parents like you preparing for back to school success for Fall 2020.

My son loved how Dr. Scott took the math out of learning science. Very approachable course! I highly recommend!
reviews by parents like you
Kelly C.
The molecule drawing game was a major breakthrough for my daughter. Dr. Scott really knows how to get teens engaged.
reviews by parents like you
Sales Manager
Detailed video solutions for the worksheets were AMAZING... I had 25+ hours of "mom time" while my kid learned something useful.
reviews by parents like you
Kary J.
English Teacher Online
So cool that my son got to learn chem from a Ph.D. chemist. What a unique opportunity for a budding future scientist!
reviews by parents like you
Steve R.
Economics Professor

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