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How it Works

Our goal is to have the best chemistry and science related website on the internet.

4 Learning Options

Option 1. Free and Open Resources
Includes Parent Resources, Virtual Field Trips, Learning Resources found on the Learn Science page. Totally free and open for all without logging in. 
free and open resources
free video courses
Option 2: Open Access (free) courses
We have free streaming video courses such as Pre-Algebra, Basic Chemistry, Minecraft Ores and 7 Need to Know Chemicals.
Includes Dr. Scott’s personal support for worksheet evaluations and certificates of completion.
Option 3: A la carte video courses
Lifetime access for any single pre-recorded video course
Includes Dr. Scott’s personal support for worksheet evaluation, questions, certificate of completion, and (optionally) grades.
a la carte video courses
the monthly membership
Option 4: The Monthly Membership
** Our Best Deal ** Start for $1.

Get EVERYTHING on the web site for one flat rate. Share with the entire family for no additional cost.
The membership includes all the Live Learning classes that meet live on Zoom. The only way to get access to the live courses is through the membership. You’ll instantly get all the links to the live classes when you sign up. Please, though, consider signing up for the membership at least a couple days before your live class starts so that we can provide any technical support you might need to get started.
The membership also includes all the pre-recorded video courses, which can also be purchased individually a la carte as described above.
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Times can be arranged at a schedule convenient to your family. Message us at info@learnwithdrscott.com to check availability. 

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Meet face to face with Dr. Scott, an experienced and professional tutor.

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