Intro to Chemistry

An Introduction to Chemistry

A Fun, Complete, Online Intro to Chemistry Class

Chemistry Book Included

Intro to Chemistry

Video Course Option

A complete video course about chemistry for beginners. Includes an approachable chemistry book in video format covering the important chemistry topics to master chemical structure, reactions, and experiments. Plus printable worksheets and other hands-on activities.

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Live Intro to Chemistry

Live Learning Option

An introduction to chemistry for beginners in a live, group setting. It includes all the materials you get with the Video Course Option, plus a live chemistry class that meets twice per week or more using Zoom.

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It's a 12-lesson chemistry class to get started with chemistry for beginners.

We'll show you how to love learning science, and you will enjoy spending 1-3 hours per lesson mastering the chemistry topics.

Intro to Chemistry

Chemistry Class Overview

Dr. Scott provides an introduction to chemistry entirely using analogies that relate to concepts you already know well. In Plain English. Jokes and art included.

It’s more than just a fun chemistry class, though. Our real goal is to show you how to get and keep your brain running at its peak mental performance level. We’ll show you how to use the fully digital chemistry book, printable worksheets, complete video solutions, experimental demos, and other included materials to feel, act, and think like a scientist. The easy way.

Intro to Chemistry is unique because the annoying math, technical jargon, and complicated chemicals have been removed so you can focus on the core chemistry topics. Yes, we’ll cover all those important, traditional chemistry topics that would be found in any normal chemistry book. Yet, the material has been restructured and reorganized to flow logically, tell the story of science, and actually make sense for chemistry beginners.

The Intro to Chemistry class will peel away the layers of chemistry topics in an extremely organized fashion. Much like an onion, scientific understanding has many layers surrounding a central core. Beginners will learn to build upon previous knowledge and think at a higher level. Those already having some chemistry background will find a fresh perspective of deeper insights as to how the world is connected by science.

Intro to Chemistry is a way more hands-on chemistry class than the others. There’s a written assignment with every lesson so you can practice what you learn. You’ll quickly master all that funny chemistry notation. There are complete solutions with all the details so you won’t ever feel frustrated. Plus, you always get Dr. Scott’s personal support for assignments. By the end of the course, you will be able to produce a scientific document from scratch that would please any scientist or teacher. 

In short, you’ll get up to speed with chemistry fast and develop the skills needed to have fun succeeding in future science and chemistry classes. Other websites simply won’t show you these important skills, because they mostly rely on having you point and click through a series of on-screen questions. Our hands-on chemistry class is the fastest and easiest way on Earth to get a proper introduction to chemistry.


Intro to Chemistry: The 3 Options

Option #1:
Join a Live Chemistry Class
Multiple Weekly Meetings on Zoom

The Live Learning version of Intro to Chemistry meets twice weekly, covering one lesson per week. It runs approximately 12 weeks to cover the 12 lessons, and there is always a new group starting soon. Check the posted schedules for dates and times.

All classes are taught by Dr Scott. Intro to Chemistry uses a digital chemistry book he made after decades of frustration using chemistry books published by corporations that obviously didn’t put education first. Moreover, Dr. Scott has been effectively teaching from his chemistry book in live Zoom classes for years. He’s an experienced online teacher with a system that has been shown to work better than face-to-face classes in brick and mortar school buildings. It’s an environment free of judgement and notably devoid of disruptions by hackers that plaque modern education.

Option #2:
Pre Recorded Chemistry Class
Flexible Schedule. Move at Your Pace.

There’s lots of good reasons to not be in a live chemistry class. But did you know that, historically, learners have actually performed better in Intro to Chemistry using the pre-recorded video course version?

Why? We think that the freedom of learning at your own pace opens the mind to enhanced learning, deeper insights, broader connections, and longer retained knowledge. Of course, it only works because Intro to Chemistry is so complete and gapless in the first place. Even though the lessons are pre-recorded, you still get Dr. Scott’s personal help for evaluating assignments and questions, should anything come up that doesn’t seem to be explained.


Option #3:
The Blended Approach.
Mix and Match: Live & Pre-recorded classes

We get it. You want to learn chemistry with a live teacher. But not all the class times work.

Intro to Chemistry is designed to be extremely flexible. You can mix and match to take as many live chemistry classes when you schedule permits. There are pre-recorded versions to fill in the gaps. Dr. Scott is always happy to help you piece together a chemistry program that works for your busy family. There are many, many other live and pre-recorded classes to throw into the mix as well.

Chemistry Topics:

  1. Reading the periodic table
  2. Understanding chemical structure
  3. Writing chemical reactions
  4. Conducting a laboratory experiment
  5. Gaining confidence approaching science

Digital Chemistry Book Included

  • 185 videos (25 hours total)
  • 36 Printable pdf Worksheets
  • Answer Keys: pdf & Video Formats
  • Class Notes
  • Lab Demos
  • Complete experiment you can easily and safely repeat at home.
  • Dr. Scott’s personal support for questions

Suggested Schedule

12 lessons.

1-3 hours per lesson.

Certificate Included

Certificates, grades, and progress reports available upon request.


Be Happy

Gain confidence with science. Guaranteed.