Kawaii Art Class - Easy Cute Animal Drawings - Live Course 2022-23

This Kawaii Art Class-Easy Cute Animal Drawings is the first live course of a 3 part art series, about the basics of character and story creation. This step by step course will start next fall 2022, with regular weekly meetings on Thursdays from 11:05-11:55 AM PST / 2:05-2:55 PM EST starting on September 22, 2022.

Kawaii Art Class - Easy Cute Animal Drawings - Live Course SCHEDULE

Course Topics

Lesson 1: We’ll learn about general geometric forms, color mixing and, color harmony.

Lesson 2: In this lesson we’ll have fun playing and learning about facial expressions and emotions.

Lesson 3: This class is all about personification; learning how to atribute human qualities and emotional characteristics to inanimate objects. Of course, we’ll do it the fun and easy way drawing some cute food. 

Lesson 4: We’ll explore the basis of some cute animal drawings, including a cute frog drawing and a cute cat drawing.

Lesson 5: In this session we’ll work on our first complex drawing, a fantastic beast. This will be achieved by mixing different animal characteristics and crazy color combinations.

Lesson 6: We’ll combine all of what we had learn to build a proper character.

Lesson 7: We’ll be creating and drawing a short story for our character.

Final Class: Show and tell.

Meet Your Instructor

Nizaí G Machado has a Masters in Fine Art and and Antropology. She has over 10 years of teaching and research experience. Over the years, she has created several art programs for kids and taken art and creativity workshops to indigenous communities and community centers.