2023 Fall Class Formats

The Best High Quality Online Classes for Fall 2023 (Sept-Dec)

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Formats for Fall 2023 Live Online Classes

Check out our 4 popular class formats below.

We offer live classes in 3 formats: Small Group, Family Course, and Private Course. Information about each format, including class size, the makeup policy, and other classroom policies, is described in the below table. Click on See Dates for more specific information about class dates.

As a fourth option, we offer Self Paced (non-live) versions of most courses, which include teacher grading.

Formats for 2023 Fall Courses

Find a learning style that matches your family’s needs.


Class Size


Classroom Policies

Small Group
Live Format


Ages are restricted to the Suggested Ages shown in the Course Data.

Pre-Recorded Makeups

The Small Group format has age restrictions, an attendance policy, weekly assignment due dates, and mastery based grading by our teachers. Parents are responsible for arranging makeups using the pre-recorded lessons. To maintain high quality classes, families who don’t adhere to the policies will be removed from the live class meetings.

Family Course
Live Format

5 Max.
Siblings Only

3 Max.
Live Makeups

The Family Course format allows flexibility for siblings and families. Our teachers will provide up to 3 makeup sessions on Zoom for missed classes, upon request of a parent. Parents may decide how to handle attendance, assignments, grading, and age restrictions.

Private Course
Live Format

10 Max.

Live Makeups

The Private Course format allows maximum flexibility in your busy schedule. Your group of 1-10 learners can arrange their own schedule, with unlimited makeups, to complete the course. A parent may arrange a Private Course for up to 10 learners, and the parents may decide how to handle attendance, assignments, grading, age restrictions, and cost sharing.

Fall 2023 courses include Chemistry, Biology, Web Design, Spanish, and Science History (Ages 9-11) in the above formats. Click See Dates to see the the fall course schedules.

*It’s the responsibility of a parent to arrange any makeups with the class teacher, and the times available to schedule makeups are subject to the teacher’s availability.

Self Paced


Go at Your Pace

The Self Paced format is the most flexible option, as well as the least costly way to experience a high quality online class. We offer optional grading for Self Paced courses.