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Grades 3+ Science Courses

Minecraft Chemistry

Learn how raw materials are transformed into useful things. A non-technical course.

States of Matter

Learn about solids, liquids, gasses and making products by changes of state. A semi-technical course.

Secret History of the Workd of Science

Best elementary school level science course yet! Get motivated for learning science! A non-technical course.

Elemental Knowledge of The Periodic Table

Learn about the history of the elements plus how to read a periodic table.

Grades 6+ Science Courses

Basic Immersive Chemisrty

FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry is the best way to get started learning physical science and basic chemistry. We’ll start at the beginning and move into acid and base chemistry, with a hands-on lab activity.

Intro to Chemistry

Learn the fundamentals of the periodic table, chemical reactions, and experimentation in this full-semester length course.

Writing Science Lab Reports

This FREE course is the fastest, easiest method to learn how to write a good lab report, every time.

Pre-Algebra WON

Get up to speed quickly on everything you need to know for success at algebra. FREE first half of the popular Algebra WON!

Exploring the Hidden Universe Within

A fun and practical introduction to human anatomy and how your body works.

Atom Smashing Secrets Revealed

A fun course about the history, science and technologies of nuclear chemistry.

The Most Powerful Force on Earth

Learn about surface tension… a powerful force that shapes the world around us!

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Grades 9+ Science Courses

Chemistry First Semester

Learn about how chemical building blocks work in the real world, experimental design, and scientific data. Semester length course.

Chemistry Second Semester

Learn about chemical systems by watching and doing experiments and lab activities. Semester length course.

7 Need-To-Know- Chemicals

A FREE technical short course about ionic compounds and polyatomic ions, sure to get you familiar with chemical names and formulas.

Basic Food Chemistry

A fun course about food science. Yum!

Algebra WON

You shall pass that bear of a math class! Practical Algebra 1 style topics, without the nonsense.

Algebra TOO

Jump your math skills to the next level! Practical Algebra 2 style topics, without the nonsense, plus an introduction to mathematical modeling.

Most Important Math Concepts

Learn dimensional analysis, perhaps the most important math concept for modelling the world and also the basis of most engineering calculations.

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Advanced Topics

Intro to Organic Chemistry

Approachable, high school level organic chemistry for O Chem beginners. Learn to draw molecules.

Organic Chemistry Part 2: Reactions

A continuation course about reactions for organic chemistry that high schoolers can understand.

Science Educational Standards: Get in Gear

FREE course about educational standards for science, engineering, technology and math (STEM). Learn what standards such as Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards mean for you, in Plain English.

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