Homeschool Consulting Services

Our online homeschool consulting services help your family with an expert homeschool advisor to make for a more relaxed, productive, and positive homeschooling experience.

Homeschool Consulting Services with Dr. Scott

Got Homeschool Questions?

Dr. Scott is an experienced homeschool consultant, advisor and coach with the answers to your homeschooling questions.

Homeschool Consulting: Know What To Expect

Got Homeschool Surprises?

Homeschooling is more relaxed without surprises, when you know exactly what to expect. Spend more quality time homeschooling with your family, and less time dealing with the unexpected.

Homeschool Consulting Services with Dr. Scott

Homeschool Consulting Services: Relaxed and Easy

Schedule today with Dr. Scott for 25 highly productive minutes. How much does a homeschool coach cost? Click to see our current rates.