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2023 Live Learning Schedules for Live Online Homeschool Classes are below.

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Homeschool with Live Teachers on Zoom!

2023 Live Online Homeschool Classes

You can earn credits from our live homeschool curriculum by taking fun and super organized online live courses for the 2023 school year. 

The easiest way to review and compare the options for live online homeschool classes for 2023 is to have a quick Homeschool Orientation call with Dr. Scott, our founder.

2023 Fall Courses (Sept-Dec)

See Fall 2023 course info.

Live Learning: About Our Live Online Homeschool Classes

Take Small Group Classes. Homeschool with Live Teachers for 2022-23.

K-12 learners can take small group classes in our Live Learning program. Our focus has traditionally been online homeschool science classes such as chemistry and physics. New for 2023, we are adding math classes for homeschoolers including pre algebra and algebra 1, as well as biology with games, art, and Spanish language live online courses. If your family is looking to homeschool with live teachers for any of these subjects, read on or see How To Join a Live Class.

The courses are sorted by age and grade band as shown above, including elementary level (for gifted and other learners), middle school level, and high school level online homeschool live classes. Many of the online homeschool science classes are organized into yearlong (for credit) or multi-year (for depth) tracks. We recommend having a brief Homeschool Orientation call with Dr. Scott to compare and review the live online homeschool classes and make your high school 4 year plan. By enrolling now, your learner can take small group classes on Zoom with his or her peers on a regular weekly or twice weekly schedule during the 2023 school year.

To take live online homeschool classes, start by checking the upcoming Spring 2023 class times. Or you can download the 2022-23 homeschool academic calendar pdf.

Have Fun Being College Ready.

Our Live Learning classes for K-12 are fun and highly interactive. We have a relaxed yet extremely organized and practical approach to homeschooling focusing on a positive learning environment and positive learning attitudes. Our live homeschool classes won’t be stressful, and, surprisingly, our homeschoolers generally master 2-3 times as much material as you’ll even find offered elsewhere in other homeschool programs. Moreover, families report a 100% college acceptance rate for learners receiving a letter of recommendation from Dr. Scott based on completed coursework. All these successes happen because we’re fun, organized, and inspire learners to become self starters and get more out of homeschooling than any “regular” brick-and-mortar school could ever achieve.

All of the materials for our online live homeschool classes are Ph.D. curated, and, in addition to satisfying your homeschool high school graduation requirements, we guarantee your learner will be college ready. Dr. Scott is a former college professor, and it’s his top priority to get homeschoolers into college and through that critical first year, in a relaxed, organized, and fun homeschool environment.

Electives and Enrichment Online Science Classes for Homeschool

Our Chemistry and Physics online homeschool science classes have, optionally, multiyear tracks for added depth. The first year of high school chemistry or high school physics is used to fulfill your regular high school science credit, and we offer an optional, added, additional second year of chemistry and physics electives courses for enrichment. Electives for high school chemistry include our organic chemistry for high school program, while for physics electives we offer Physics Parts 3, 4, 5, and 6, which can be taken in any order after Physics Parts 1-2. 

We’ll also be offering enrichment and electives for live online math classes, as well as homeschool biology, for the following 2023-24 school year.

Not sure if you really need two years of live homeschool science curriculum? We recommend that all learners simply start at the beginning of the online homeschool science course tracks, with Intro to Chemistry or Intro to Physics (Part 1), and focus on developing a positive learning attitude. Our advanced homeschool science courses will be waiting, when and if you decide it’s a good idea.

2022-23 Online Science Classes

Term-length live classes run Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-May), and Summer (Jun-Aug) Sessions.

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Live Course Schedules by Term

Fall 2022 (Sep-Dec)

Spring 2023 (Jan-May)

Summer 2023 (Jun-Aug)