One On One Coaching and Chemistry Tutoring

Get up to speed with chemistry now!

One On One coaching and chemistry tutoring is for those seriously interested in learning chemistry. One on one coaching could be ideal to get ahead in school or work on advanced projects. Your learner will have Dr. Scott’s full and undivided attention in a Zoom video chat session.

Reasons for One on One Coaching:

  • Chemistry tutoring for school
  • Understand that chemistry kit
  • Learn chemistry now!
  • Environmental science
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Research projects
  • Science fairs
  • College prep

Times can be arranged at a schedule convenient to your family. Please, though, message us at to check availability before signing up. For example, Dr. Scott obviously cannot do one-on-one coaching at the same time that Live Learning group classes are being held.

To get the most value for your precious time and money, we suggest being prepared for the one on one coaching sessions. Your learner can best be prepared by having strong fundamentals in chemistry. Our Live Learning group rate for group classes and pre-recorded, self-paced video course prices are at least 95% less expensive, on a per hour basis. Use these materials to master the fundamentals first, then arrange for one-on-one coaching to skyrocket your chemistry learning to the next level.

The rate for one on one coaching is $100 per hour. Significant discounts are available to qualified learners with a demonstrated interest in chemistry.

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