10th Grade Chemistry Online Course 2024-25

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10th Grade Chemistry

What's Included:

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-Live Zoom Classes

-Grading and Certificate

Intro to Chemistry Course

“An amazing chemistry course for my tenth grader, who enjoyed the well organized materials.”

Is Chemistry for 10th Graders?

Chemistry is typically the science class to take in the 10th grade. Different schools do things differently, however, and it’s not uncommon to take chemistry in the 9th grade or 11th grade. Tenth grade chemistry is going to require some background in the physical sciences, which are typically covered in the middle school grades. Advanced middle schoolers may be interested in taking this 10th grade chemistry class, if they are prepared for the structure of high school level science topics. Our online chemistry course focuses on chemistry fundamentals and critical thinking, and it’s not going to involve many complex math calculations or algebra.

Your 10th Grade Chemistry Teacher

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Hi, I’m Dr. Scott, the course instructor and author of the digital textbook that you get with the course.

I’m a former college chemistry professor that knows how to make learning science fun and easy. I spent waaay too many years watching students fail “hard” college science courses because they didn’t get the fundamentals.

My courses will show you how to learn science, and I guarantee they’ll prepare you for future science classes. The easy way.

10th Grade Chemistry Live Class Schedules 2024-25

Our 10th grade chemistry class is offered in a live format with weekly meetings on Zoom taught by Dr. Scott. Click for more information about how to sign up.

All class times for Fall 2024 chemistry (Sept 30 – Dec 10, 2024) are FULL.

Chemistry 10th Grade Topics

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Periodic Table, Subatomic Particles, Charge

Lesson 3: Isotopes, Average Mass

Lesson 4: Aufbau Diagrams, Ionic Compounds

Lesson 5: Electron Dot Diagrams, Molecules

Lesson 6: Polarity, 3D Shapes with Balloons Lab Demo

Lesson 7: Acid-Base Neutralization

Lesson 8: Precipitation, States of Matter

Lesson 9: Reduction and Oxidation

Lesson 10: Ratios (Stoichiometry)

Lesson 11: Molar Mass

Lesson 12: Limiting Reactants Experiment