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Learn science, learn chemistry, learn biology, and learn math. The fun way. With Dr. Scott.
Hi, I’m Dr. Scott, an online science teacher and former college chemistry professor. We have the most engaging, highest quality classes you can find online in Self Paced and live Zoom class formats.

You can get started now with free courses for chemistry, chemical formulas, lab reportsbiology, physics, and math.

3 Teacher-Supported Learning Options

Join a group class, work at your own flexible schedule, or meet with Dr. Scott personally.

Find the right learning options to suit your family's busy schedule.
Learn science flexibly and with a real teacher.

Live Learning

gives your K-12 learner access to live, group video chat classes (on Zoom) plus all the supporting materials and certificates, with flexible makeup classes, live teacher support, and customer service included.

Pre-Recorded Video Courses

are designed to maximize flexibility for your busy schedule. Complete self-paced lessons and courses at a flexible schedule, and still have a real live teacher for support. There's a mix of free and paid pre-recorded video courses.

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One on One Coaching

is for those seriously interested in learning science. Spend an hour with Dr. Scott, a former scientist and college professor with thousands of hours of real-world experience to share.

Get up to speed quickly for STEM topics including chemistry, physics, algebra, biology, and sciences. 

We put home science safety first! And we provide a safe online environment that protects your family's privacy.

Fun, practical, sequences of courses that your learner will actually enjoy taking. Seriously.

Learn without judgement. It's a safe space to master those ''hard'' science topics and build confidence.

Our Ph.D. curated curriculum gets learners college ready. Dr. Scott is a former college chemistry professor with a chemical engineering Ph.D.

Thrive at connecting to the world. Learn to use science as a tool to benefit your health and wellbeing.

Get Started with a Free Course

We make complete courses that actually make sense to those learning science for the first time.

Dr. Scott made these short courses to address common learning gaps that he frequently saw as a college professor.

Basic Immersive Chemistry

Thinking to start learning chemistry? This short course will show you some basics, so you can see if it's the right time to start longer courses.

Writing Science Lab Reports

The single most common reason that Dr. Scott saw kids fail out of college was the inability to write a simple lab report. Does your kid know this important skill or not?

It’s everything you really need to know about math in just a few hours. Is your kid prepared for the high school level math that will matter in college?

Chemical Names & Formulas

It's easier to succeed in chemistry when you know the names of common chemicals. There's a simple naming system, and you can learn it here in just a few hours.

Teachers and Parents Start Here!

We think you should get to know your teacher and curriculum before committing your school year.

The resources below are the best place to get started. Use them to organize your homeschooling plans or to supplement your existing STEM curriculum.

Parents, check out these resources to help your kids be college prepared, without the stress.

Teachers, including homeschool parents: Do you need lessons plans, activities, or worksheets? The answer keys are included!

Take a Virtual Trip to explore science in the real world from the comfort of your home.

You Can Teach Chemistry Too!

How to teach chemistry, to yourself or your learner. Find a printer-friendly periodic table and worksheets in the FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry course.

Live Learning: Zoom Courses Online

Student Wellness and Your Healthy Family

Read about student wellness ideas and activities that could be good ways to keep your family healthy, safe, and well.

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