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Welcome to Learn with Dr. Scott!

We are quite serious about showing you how to have fun learning science and mathWe made our own digital textbooks and hands-on worksheets with unique approaches for learning technical subjects… The Easy Way. Dr. Scott supplements these ”hard science” skills with mental training strategies to keep your mind sharp, clear, and at ease. But enough reading already: We believe that video-based learning is where it’s at. You can e-meet Dr. Scott in the videos below and be in personal contact when you join our interactive, online learning community.

How to teach chemistry, to yourself or your learner. Find a printer-friendly periodic table and worksheets in the FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry course.

A 1-minute course demo of FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry. It’s a fun and free way to get started learning science!

Magically transform from math-phobe to math wiz in a few quick and easy lessons. Get started for free with FREE Pre-Algebra WON.

A Few Words from Dr. Scott

My goal is to get your learner up to speed quickly for chemistry, math, and sciences. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from teaching at various levels (junior high, high school, college, university, corporate) to craft fun, practical, context-based sequences of courses that will your learner will actually enjoy taking. I’ll ground you in the fundamentals so you can learn to thrive at connecting the world through expanding your knowledge base.  I’ll show you how to learn without all that judgement that interferes with your ability to validate yourself for what you already know. In short, I’ll make those ”hard” topics seems easy and approachable, and you’ll feel good mastering them.

In additional to online video courses, I also offer live group classes as well as private sessions. You can learn about my background here, or get in contact with us by email. I’m always happy to hear from you, and I will get back to you personally;)


''An absolutely fantastic course! My daughter, who is very interested in Chemistry, found it challenging but definitely manageable. Scott is a gentle and brilliant teacher, who explains everything really well. We are definitely going to sign up for more of his classes.''
Immersive Chemistry - Introduction
''This class was a perfect fit for my eighth grader, who was looking to learn more than what is presented in school. The format and pacing were great. My daughter is really looking forward to high school chemistry now, thanks to Dr. Scott!''
Elemental Knowledge
''Thanks for taking the difficult math out of algebra. We can finally understand this topic!''
Algebra WON