7 Need-To-Know Chemical Names and Formulas

You’ve just found the fastest and most comprehensive method for getting started with chemical names and formulas.

This is a great short course for getting started with the periodic table, and it’s also an excellent supplement to any more advanced chemistry course.

Free Video Course


A 3-hour video course explaining exactly how find the names and formulas of ionic compounds using the periodic table.

Includes the 6-page, printer friendly, pdf worksheet with answer key.

Course Information

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you want to learn technical information about tons of chemical names and formulas.

Description: Whether or not you already know the periodic table, you will get quite familiar with it in this course. Additionally, we’ll learn about 7 important chemical building blocks that won’t be found on the periodic table. Knowing this information unlocks understanding the system of names and formulas for about half of the typical “wet lab” chemicals. That’s a lot of value, and you’re sure to better understand discussions about chemistry once you know so many chemical names and formulas.

This course is a bit more technical than many of the courses here. It focuses entirely on the problem of translating between chemical names and chemical formulas. Plus we’ll understand how ionic compounds fit together in the first place. These are critically important problems for those already studying chemistry, and this course is designed to help chemistry students learn more faster and also pass that exam. Alternatively, those new to chemistry that enjoy a more technical, problem-solving approach to learning science have had extremely positive experiences with this class.

You’ll learn fast, as we’ll condense many volumes of textbook materials into just a 6-page, follow along worksheet. You’ll see all the correct answers for chemical names and formulas related to ionic compounds, and I’ll show you exactly where they come from, too.

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Understanding chemical names
  2. Deciphering chemical formulas, including polyatomic ions
  3. Translating from formula-to-name and name-to-formula
  4. Reading the periodic table
  5. Understanding families of chemicals such as sulfides, sulfates, bisulfates and sulfites

Videos and material included: 44 videos (3 hours total) plus 3 printable pdf worksheets.

Topics: Topics are listed in the collapsible righthand sidebar at the top of this page. The topics will be active links to the course materials immediately when you click Begin!

Suggested schedule: 1 to 2 hours per week over 3-4 weeks

Age: 13+

Cost: It’s a free course.