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Welcome to the Educational Games list!

Want games for school? This page has links to educational games, fun learning games, and educational game websites. All related to chemistry!

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Chemistry Games

Biology games are fun education as well, however there are way too many to fit here on this list of chemistry games.

Watch the team at ChemTalk solve a maze using chemistry. It’s a 3D printed maze… and the ink follows an acid-base gradient. We literally solved a maze using chemistry. So cool!

The viral TikTok post is here. You don’t need to have an account to view it.

The team at ChemTalk explains how they used chemistry to solve a maze (see above). The explanation provided disproves a commonly accepted theory that the Marangoni effect is the dominant force transporting the dye through the maze.

Atom Structure Puzzle

Atom Structure Puzzle is a game to understand an atom’s parts: the protons, neutrons, and electrons. Plus the parts of these subatomic parts, known as quarks, hadrons, and neutrinos.

Backside attack is a fun learning game for organic chemistry. It’s a knock off of the super popular Angry Birds game. Except it focuses on a type of chemical reaction known as SN2, commonly called a backside attack. It might only be available for Apple devices.

Balancing Chemical Equations is on an educational game website at the University of Colorado Boulder. Their PhET program claims to have over 700 million interactive simulations for science and math. The below link is a visual way to see chemical equations balance.

The fun crossword puzzle has vocabulary used in high school biology and chemistry classes.

The Heart Breaking Bad Font let’s you spell out all your favorite science vocabulary words and more… with the style that made chemistry famous… or infamous. The Breaking Bad font is not exactly a game, yet there could be a lot of fun had.

Bugs on the Run, by the American Chemical Society, plays on a theme that heating up molecules makes things move faster. Pistons push out, balloons expand, ice melts. Use your knowledge of chemistry to help a hungry chameleon chase and corral bugs that are on the run.

Chess is a fun and rewarding thinking game. This withdrawn patent application describes how to modify chess… to play Chemical Chess. It focuses on many, many common chemicals and their formulas.

Chemical Compound Quiz is another popular one on the Planeta 42 educational game website. Learn formulas for common substances like water and aspirin, and less common substances like Kevlar and cementite.

Chemikul is a Spanish language chemistry game.

Chemistry Lab is a Spanish language chemistry experience, online.

Chemistry Tree is an extremely basic game to learn about 20 chemistry vocabulary words fundamental to the science.

Crossword Hobbyist has 100+ Chemistry Crossword Puzzles that you can complete online. They cover all sorts of chemistry topics plus other sciences, too.

Daily Chemical Compounds is a drag and drop approach to learning chemical formulas.

Element Hangman from JLab is a simple, well designed, and slightly addicting hangman game. To spell out element names, obviously!

The American Association of Chemistry Teachers published this article describing the use of escape rooms, a trendy gaming approach, to learn about chemistry. They have a few such escape room games figured out, such as one based on thermodynamics. The materials are for AACT members.
What’s the gamification of life about? Learning more and getting better results, apparently. Beyond just having a positive learning attitude, what can gamification add to your child’s education? Learn about the Super Mario Effect and how it can benefit your schooling years.
From the Royal Society of Chemistry, there are over a hundred gridded logic problems for chemistry. They are sorted by age level, and suggested as possible homework assignments.

Little Alchemy has over 720 substances that can be discovered through realistic combinations of elements. You can create substances ranging from a speck of dust… to the universe itself. Note that the elements combined are earth, wind, fire, and water. It’s a good approach for younger kids, as it avoids complications of the periodic table of the elements from chemistry.

Minecraft Education Edition has a chemistry science kit. It includes 11 lessons that use the unique chemistry features of Minecraft to engage students in the classroom. It’s described as a teacher resource.

This is Dr. Scott’s personal all time favorite. The idea is to hunt for the ores and gems found in Minecraft… in the real world. Click below to see a cool emerald collection and more.

Noble Metals Hunt is a chemistry arcade game to find the 8 “noble” metals.

Nonmetal Elements covers some very basic facts about the nonmetal elements.

Outer Space Molecule Chase by the American Chemical Society is a classic mouse in a maze puzzle game on a 2D board. Except it takes place on a space station. And your mouse needs to regulate it’s CO2 levels, in addition to finding that cheese!

Periodic Table Puzzle uses a drag and drop feature to assemble the periodic table with the correct elements in the correct spots.

The ph Puzzle is an easy game to match substances with their pH by dragging and dropping onto a color coded scale.

Phases and Mixtures is a Desmos Polygraph activity to build up the scientific language used to describe matter.

It’s a research article describing a game to learn quantum mechanics, based on the all time computer classic Minesweeper. They provide a detailed set of rules to adapt the game.
It’s a research article describing a game to learn quantum mechanics, based on the all time computer classic Minesweeper. They provide a detailed set of rules to adapt the game.
There’s a chemistry textbook in the game Roblox! Did you get one?
Playing Scrabble with the elements of the periodic table is fun. But how to calculate the points? Here’s suggested points for each of the periodic table squares.

States of Matter Puzzle is a drag and drop match game to learn about the states of matter.

War of the Elements is the classic card game War… played with chemical elements cards, of course.