Chemistry Worksheets: Fundamentals of Chemistry

The below chemistry worksheets include complete instructions to learn the fundamentals of chemistry. The problems are straightforward and designed to teach you the chemistry concepts. There won’t be any tricky, advanced chemistry problems here. The worksheets are user friendly and learner focused.
Each topic below includes Plain English examples and explanations, plus chemistry practice problems in a printer-friendly, pdf format. We encourage you to download and print the chemistry worksheet pdfs to work along with the examples. For many people, writing it down on paper is a critical step in the learning process that makes it stick up there. So print it, work on it, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Chemistry Worksheets: Fundamentals of Chemistry

A set of chemistry worksheets and instructions to master the names and formulas of common (ionic) chemicals. It’s our most popular worksheet that’s helped thousands pass chemistry exams.

Learn the rules of significant figures fast, and see 6 easy examples that will show you all the use cases. Save hours of frustration using Dr. Scott’s easy approach to sig figs.

A set of chemistry worksheets and instructions to master the names and formulas of common (polyatomic) chemicals. You need to know this information to advance in chemistry.

Master electron configurations with this fundamental technique to draw Aufbau diagrams by placing arrows in boxes.

A chemistry worksheet to learn about homogenous and heterogenous mixtures. There are clear examples that demonstrate this often confusing topic.

This chemistry worksheet is about the periodic table. It’s a great place to get started learning about chemistry.

Learn about molar mass and the mass numbers found on the periodic table of the elements from chemistry.

Learn to make dot diagrams and Lewis structures, an important fundamental chemistry technique to draw molecules.

Learn about acid base reactions, and how they neutralize each other to make water.

Learn about the alkanes, the simplest organic molecules that are called hydrocarbons..