9th Grade Biology Topics and Syllabus

The 9th Grade Biology Topics and Syllabus for 2023 Live and Self Paced Courses cover high school cell biology for beginners.

Our live 9th Grade Biology online classes for 2023 include Cell Bio Part A for Fall 2023 (Sept-Dec), which continues with Cell Bio Part B for Spring 2024 (Jan-May). There are also Self Paced biology options.

2023 Cell Bio Live Classes

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9th Grade Biology Syllabus

Our top 9th grade biology syllabus covers the topics related to cell biology. It includes lessons about various types of cells, the smallest unit of life. We focus on the structure and function of organelles, which are the tiny parts that make up living cells. The 9th grade biology syllabus also in includes a laboratory component, as biology is considered to be a lab science. The lab component focuses on learning about microscopes, making microscope drawings, analyzing simulated experiments, and keeping a lab notebook.

The cell biology course counts as one year of high school science credit. The cell biology course is split into 2 half year parts, Part A and Part B. The course includes teacher support, worksheets, evaluations, exams, cell biology lab, cell biology lab experiments, a cell biology lab manual, a 9th grade biology textbook in a digestible online format, grades, a certificate, and credit for high school biology.

We offer 3 versions of the course. There is a free demo, a Live instructor-led course on Zoom, and also a Self Paced option.

9th Grade Biology Topics, Part A

Part A of our ninth grade biology topics covers the structure and function of cells. We learn to draw different types of cells, and we learn about what their parts do. The focus is on understanding human cells and what keeps the human body functioning in a state of health.

Lesson 1: Drawing Prokaryotic Cells
Lesson 2: Drawing Eukaryotic Cells
Lesson 3: Drawing Plant and Animal Cells
Lesson 4: Drawing Brain, Skin and Blood Cells
Lesson 5: DNA, RNA, and Proteins
Lesson 6: Membranes
Lesson 7: Membrane Transport
Lesson 8: Blood Cells and the Lungs


9th Grade Biology Topics, Part B

Part B of our ninth grade biology topics covers cell growth and division. We learn to draw different types of cell processes. The focus is on understanding how tiny, individual human cells affect the multicellular human organism.

Lesson 1: Antibodies, Antibody Tagging, Vaccines, and Blood Types
Lesson 2: DNA Base Pairs and Replication
Lesson 3: Cell Division
Lesson 4: Mitosis
Lesson 5: Meiosis
Lesson 6: Budding, Shoots and Spores
Lesson 7: Pedigree Analysis and Inheritance
Lesson 8: Sex Related Traits: Anemia and Color Blindness

Is Biology for 9th Graders?

Students in grade 9 will typically take biology as their science curriculum. This is common within the United States, however it is definitely more true for some states than others. For example, it’s common for 9th graders in California, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and New York to be taking biology as their science class for the school year. Other schools or school districts may focus on chemistry or physical science instead. It’s pretty rare for a 9th grade science curriculum to include physics, although some 9th grade curricula focus on Earth Science instead of biology.

Ninth grade biology classes typically cover cells, in the subject area called cell biology. It’s a bit different than the life sciences that are studied at earlier ages, in which the life cycles of organisms, not their cells, are studied.

Typically, 9th grade biology classes will also focus on proteins, the substances which cells make in order to stay alive. Membranes are also an important topic, as they separate what’s inside the cell from what’s outside, as well as compartmentalize the cell. We typically think of cells as a complex factory or a little city, with all these different compartments or zones where different cellular activities take place. High school biology also tends to focus on DNA and RNA, however it’s important that your 9th grade biology class focuses on cell biology and doesn’t diverge off on a molecular biology tangent. Molecular biology is a college level subject for students who already have a strong high school cell biology background.

Students who excel in and enjoy their 9th grade biology experience may be interested in careers in the life sciences, medicine, nursing, or dentistry. It’s pretty typical that we have pre-medical and pre-dental students taking our biology courses, as they were designed by college professors and health care professionals.

9th Grade Biology Self Paced & Live 2023 Courses

We offer 3 versions of the Cell Biology course, which is broken into half-year Parts A and B. There is a free demo, a Live instructor-led course on Zoom, and also a Self Paced option. You may click into the below images for more information. The best way to set up a biology course for credit is to have a quick orientation call with Dr. Scott, the course author.

We have free demo of Cell Biology Part A. It will walk you through the first few lessons, so that you understand the concept of an animal cell. An animal cell is the type of cell found in humans or animals, and it’s a lot different than the types of cells found in, for example, plants or bacteria.

The free demo of Cell Biology will also include a lab component. It will show you how professional scientists conduct training, keep a lab notebook, and make scientific drawings using a microscope.

You may click the image below to enroll instantly in the free cell biology course with certificate.

9th Grade Biology Self Paced Course for Credit

The complete Self Paced Cell Biology course includes Part A and Part B, covering a year of high school biology for credit. It covers all of the topics shown above, focusing on cell structure and function as well as cell division for a variety of organisms. The main learning outcome is to understand how human cells affect human health and traits.

Our Cell Biology Self Paced course includes teacher support. Students submit assignments and receive feedback from a real teacher, and we have an online, simulated cell biology laboratory to give the feel of being in a real bio lab. It’s a complete lab science class, covering all the lessons and lab activities that you would find in a typical high school biology course.

You may click the image below to enroll instantly in the Self Paced Cell Biology course, and you can complete the lessons at a schedule that suits your lifestyle. You’ll be in contact with the supportive teacher, and there’s a certificate of completion at the end.

9th Grade Biology Live Course for 2023 for Credit

Cell Biology Live includes live meetings on Zoom with a live teacher weekly, in addition to everything else described above. The only difference with the Live Course compared to the Self Paced course is that it additionally includes live meetings on Zoom with the teacher, a trained scientist, veterinarian and biology professional. 

biology teacher headshot

Meet Your Instructor

Dr K is our 9th grade biology teacher, and all high school aged students are welcome in her class. She has decades of experience in health and veterinary sciences, plus experience in major research institutes. She enjoys using games to teach high school biology.