Rapid Custom Antibody Bioconjugation Service In 7 DAYS

Our Custom Antibody Bioconjugation Service makes a high purity conjugated antibody delivered in 7 DAYS, not weeks, not months. We deliver custom conjugated antibodies tagged and labeled with fluorophore, DNA, cytotoxin, or your custom protein with faster turnaround than other custom biolabs. Our custom antibody services are fast and easy, because we know you need antibodies fast!

Antibody Labeling Service In 7 DAYS

Express Biolabs labels antibodies in just 7 days!

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Custom Antibody Bioconjugation Service Turnaround Time

Get Custom Conjugated Antibodies in 7 Days!!!

Our custom antibody service delivers in 7 days, as compared to our competitors, who deliver conjugated antibodies with turnaround times of several weeks to months. Our custom bioconjugation service delivers high purity monoclonal antibodies or polyclonal antibodies with a one week turnaround time for any volume, scale or batch size.

Custom Antibody Service High Recovery Efficiency

Our custom antibody service delivers a sample recovery of over 80% in a single run, saving your lab time and money, as compared to our competitors, who historically suffer under 20% yields (per run). 

We deliver ultra-high purity antibodies fast, while our competitors deliver antibodies, eventually, in weeks or months, if they can even specify an exact timeframe. Now, with our custom antibody process, there’s no reason to wait more than 7 days for your bioconjugated antibodies.

Custom Antibody Conjugation Service Process

We Conjugate Antibodies FAST!!!

We deliver custom conjugated antibodies in 7 days, not weeks not months!

The Biolabs Express patented electrochemical process was originally invented simply to increase conjugated antibody recovery efficiency, as yields above 20% used to be relatively rare in the custom antibody industry. Our electrochemical process increases efficiency above 80% per run, having the dramatic effect of lowering the overall custom antibody turnaround time due to reduced processing. Historically, the low yields achieved by our competitors require multiple, low purity runs to yield sufficient quantities of conjugated antibody, which also suffer from batch to batch processing variability and losses.

Our Fast Antibody Conjugation Technology

Our fast custom antibody technology uses a patented Smart Cell that intelligently delivers the precise reduction potential carefully matched to your custom antigen to ensure stability, high selectivity, high yields, and pure conjugated antibodies, in a single run. The process will minimally tag your antibody for optimal and immediate end use in the lab.

Our technology can tag your antibody with any fluorophore, DNA, toxin or protein your research requires. Conjugation will be performed in situ in your original buffer, so that we keep your precious proteins or other fragile reagents stable. Traditional processes, on the other hand, use harsh chemicals such as isothiocyanate, carbodiimide, or periodate, as a few examples.

Want Custom Antibodies Fast?

You can find out today how well our quick custom antibody service will work for your lab by clicking the button below. You’ll chat with a qualified and experienced antibody scientist who will understand your research needs. With a turnaround of only 7 days, you’re already losing time by not setting up an information session today!

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Express Custom Antibody Service Timeframe

Here’s what you can expect on your first order, with the total turnaround time for our express custom antibody conjugation service in under 7 days, guaranteed.

  • Talk with our scientists today. You’ll Zoom with the supervising lab manager overseeing your custom antibody run. 
  • We’ll confirm your specifications, process your order, set up invoicing, and arrange for delivery, all with same-day service.
  • Send us your samples. Sample pickup delays on the customer end are usually the major cause of holdup with our rapid antibody service!
  • In just 48 hours in our lab, we will conjugate any antibody at any scale with ultrahigh purity, ready for use upon delivery.
  • We will deliver your samples as soon as they are processed, by expedited parcel or express courier service.
  • It all takes less than 7 days with our custom antibody service.
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Pricing for Custom Antibody Conjugation Services

Custom Antibody Prices

Click below to schedule an online meeting with our antibody scientists today, and we will have a firm, same-day quote for your custom conjugation runs. New customers get 20% off your first order after our biolab confirms your specification. Prices may vary based on the complexity of your project, and the below quoted rates are averages based on orders placed in 2021 and Q1-2 of 2022.

100 microgram sample in under 7 days: $624 + 20% off: $499 for 100 micrograms (7 days guaranteed).

1,000 microgram sample in under 7 days: $2,499 + 20% off: $1,999 for 1,000 micrograms (7 days guaranteed).

10,000 – 40,000+ microgram orders: Click below for a quote from our scientists (7 days guaranteed).

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About the Service

Scott Beaver, Ph.D., founder of the Easy Hard Science website, serves on the Express Biolabs Advisory Board as Chief Intellectual Property (IP) Management Officer. He receives a commission for custom conjugation services performed.