Terms of Service

The learnwithdrscott.com website operated by Easy Hard Science provides online lessons for chemistry, science and math.

Terms of Service

Updated June 2, 2022.

The Short Version:

  • Parents should enroll their K-12 learners. Please respect child privacy laws and common sense!
  • A Safety Policy form must be completed before learners may attend a live class.
  • We never allow hackers/online bullies.
  • Be respectful of others.
The Terms of Service for all users of this website (learnwithdrscott.com) are as follows.
  1. Have somebody over 18 years of age complete all enrollment forms, for any paid or unpaid courses that require a login. Specifically, parents should create the account and enroll their children under 18 years of age.
  2. There are free courses, pre-recorded video courses purchased individually with lifetime access, and live, group courses purchased individually with access for the academic term.
  3. Live classes are for K-12 learners only, please.
  4. Users under 13 years of age should have a parent complete the COPPA form to comply with child privacy laws, if they use an account to log in to the website.
  5. Before a learner attends a live class, the Safety Policy form must be completed. A parent must provide valid emergency contact information, which will be used for emergencies and class cancellations only.
  6. For live classes, each learner must be individually enrolled.
  7. Parents (or legal guardians) are always responsible for their children, even while they are in a live class.
  8. We never make recordings of any users for any reason, for privacy purposes.
  9. No sharing the materials found on the website outside your family.
  10. The materials on the website are copyrighted. They may not be shared, transferred, modified, changed, etc. in any manner without the expressed written permission of the author, Dr. Scott, who can be reached by email.
  11. No hacking or intentional misuse of the website and associated technologies. Hackers may be banned immediately without refund.
  12. Always be respectful of other users on this website and also in general. Online bullies will be regarded as hackers, and they are subject to an immediate ban without refund.
  13. All users must agree to the Privacy Policy and these Terms of Service.

Refund Policy

If something isn’t working, we will make it right. Please contact us by email. We usually reply by the next business day.

If a course you purchased isn’t working, you are entitled to a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

Info for Our Original Members

Before June of 2022, we offered a flat rate, monthly membership for unlimited courses for your family. While we no longer offer new memberships, members that were active before June of 2022 are welcome to keep their memberships active going forward without any change in the rate. These legacy memberships will be called Original Memberships.

There is some information below pertaining to our Original Memberships.


Important Information for Original Memberships

How To Update Your Card

To update your card (change your payment information), see the simple instructions for How To Update Payment Info.

When To Cancel Your Original Membership

Members are responsible for cancelling to avoid future charges. Please see the instructions below.

How To Cancel Your Original Membership

The monthly original membership is just month to month with no commitment.

Once cancelled, your account access will remain open until the end of the current billing period, at which point you won’t be billed again and access will terminate. That way, you get access to courses for the entire billing period.

To cancel your monthly membership, go to the Sign In|Account page and click on Orders or Order History. View the membership, which is the order with a next payment date. The cancel button is therein.

You can message us by email for assistance.