Terms of Service

The learnwithdrscott.com website operated by Easy Hard Science provides online lessons for chemistry, science and math.

Terms of Service

Updated December 8, 2022.

The Short Version:

  • Parents must enroll their K-12 learners. Please respect child privacy laws and common sense!
  • A Safety Policy form must be completed before learners may attend a Live Class.
  • We never allow hackers/online bullies.
  • Be respectful of others.
The Terms of Service for all users of this website (learnwithdrscott.com) are as follows.
  1. Have somebody over 18 years of age complete all enrollment forms, for any paid or unpaid courses that require a login. Specifically, parents should create the account and enroll their children under 18 years of age.
  2. There are free courses, pre-recorded video courses purchased individually with lifetime access (Self Paced Courses), live, group courses (Live Classes) purchased individually with access for the academic term, and One On One Coaching services.
  3. Live Classes are for K-12 learners only, please.
  4. Users under 13 years of age should have a parent complete the COPPA form to comply with child privacy laws, if they use an account to log in to the website.
  5. Before a learner attends a Live Class, the Safety Policy form must be completed. A parent must provide valid emergency contact information, which will be used for emergencies and class cancellations only.
  6. For Live Classes, each learner must be individually enrolled.
  7. Parents (or legal guardians) are always responsible for their children, even while they are in a Live Class.
  8. We never make recordings of any users for any reason, for privacy purposes.
  9. No sharing the materials found on the website outside your family.
  10. The materials on the website are copyrighted. They may not be shared, transferred, modified, changed, etc. in any manner without the expressed written permission of the author, Dr. Scott, who can be reached by email.
  11. No hacking or intentional misuse of the website and associated technologies. Hackers may be banned immediately without refund.
  12. Always be respectful of other users on this website and also in general. Online bullies will be regarded as hackers, and they are subject to an immediate ban without refund.
  13. All users must agree to the Privacy Policy and these Terms of Service.
  14. All families must follow the Live Class Guidelines, the Self Paced Course Guidelines, and the One On One Coaching Guidelines posted below on December 8, 2022.
  15. Violating the Terms of Service may result in the cancellation of your account.
  16. The purchaser agreess to the Refund Policy below.
  17. By using this web site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you disagree, you are not allowed to use the web site or services.

Live Class Guidelines

Posted on December 8, 2022 and effective for Purchases on or after December 8, 2022. Find the 3 page pdf here.

Mission Statement:

We provide high quality, engaging, and interactive online K-12 classes taught by experienced and passionate professionals. Your child can take our live online courses to get homeschooling credit, build his or her high school transcript, and earn a letter of recommendation for college applications. By following our guidelines, your child will get credit for his or her courses, guaranteed.


Hands-On Learning and Communication:

          Each hour of live, interactive Zoom classes is supplemented with about an hour of hands-on learning activities. We believe that education and homeschooling require developing our children’s communication skills, not just logging into Zoom! There are printouts, worksheets, projects, and optional exams. And we have lab simulations that prepare middle and high schoolers for college lab sciences.


Mastery-Based Grading:

          Our simple, mastery-based grading system makes homeschooling easy for parents! Your child will complete a series of hands-on activities, and parents get feedback on a week by week basis. You’ll just keep logging A’s on your transcript as your child progresses through a series of fun, dynamic courses with a group of his or her peers.

A Message to Homeschool Parents

Parents, we have decades of experience homeschooling. By following the below guidelines, you can build the structure that your child needs to succeed in a flexible and positive online learning environment. The purpose of these guidelines is to save you time and money getting homeschooling credits and also to prepare your child for college.

By following the guidelines, your child will earn an A in his or her course while developing the communication skills necessary for college success.


Mandatory Materials for Live Classes

  • Pencil or pen.
  • Paper.
  • Printouts.
  • Working printer.
  • Working scanner.
  • Working internet.
  • Working Zoom software.
  • Working microphone.
  • Working camera.
  • Graphics tablet (optional).

Homeschool Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide the above Mandatory Materials to your child(ren) taking Live Classes.
  • Explain the below guidelines to your child(ren) taking Live Classes.
  • Respond to teacher messages and requests relating to these guidelines.
  • Set sufficient hours for in-class and out-of-class activities.
  • Meet all posted deadlines, or provide reasonable advance notice.
  • Provide a classroom setting that will minimize distractions.
  • Provide notice of absences, in advance when possible (maximum 1 unexcused absence).
  • Arrange makeups for missed classes.
  • Respect the children’s online privacy. Keep personal information private!
  • Respect the age ranges and prerequisites for courses.
  • Sign our 1-page Safety Policy (just once per learner).

Expected Live Classroom Behavior

  • Be on time for class.
  • Be in a classroom setting (1 Live Class maximum travelling). No outside activities.
  • Use the camera properly (1 Live Class maximum with a broken camera).
  • Have the Mandatory Materials.
  • Take notes.
  • Talk on the microphones one at a time.
  • Use the Zoom chat solely for class topics and salutations.
  • Communicate with the teacher (verbal, chat, reactions) and follow teacher directions.
  • Don’t disrupt the class. Don’t ignore the teacher, and don’t do non-class activities.
  • Follow any safety information provided.

Assignment Submissions

  • Deadlines are provided to minimize wasted time for children and parents alike.
  • Written assignments are due by the posted deadlines.
  • Submissions by email to must:
    • Be a multipage PDF document, clearly scanned in the correct order.
    • Have the learner’s first name on each page.
    • Have a filename including the learner’s first name, course, and assignment.
    • Be organized on a single email thread (one thread per learner per course).
  • There is a $25 processing fee for each submission of any worksheet(s) past the deadline.
  • Learners missing 3 deadlines for a class won’t be allowed to attend that Live Class on Zoom until the work is made up, including any processing fee(s).

Rules & Outcomes

  1. Please provide advanced notice from a parent (email Dr. Scott directly) if you need an exception for the above guidelines. As a matter of fairness, we can be flexible only if you provide advanced or reasonable notice.
  1. Families must follow the above guidelines, or a learner may be removed from the Live Class Zoom meetings. There can be exceptions for advanced notice.
  1. Learners must complete the course work to advance to the next course in a series. There are no refunds for uncompleted Live Classes.
  1. Accounts may be terminated, without refund, for using the website or Live Classes in violation of applicable laws, including but not limited to child protection laws, child privacy laws, plagiarism laws, truancy laws, and local homeschooling regulations.

Self Paced Course Guidelines

Self Paced Courses may only be used for school credit if all applicable local homeschooling regulations are adhered to. If available, a family may exchange a Live Class for the same Self Paced Course at any time by sending a request by email.

Self Paced Course Guidelines

One On One Coaching may be purchased to cover services not provided by our Live Classes or Self Paced Course products, as described above. The service includes personal meetings with a teacher for individuals or groups at times arranged by the family or families purchasing One On One Coaching.

Typical uses for One On One Coaching include:

  • Tutoring for individuals or groups
  • Private lessons or courses for individuals or groups
  • Education planning for families
  • Safety and privacy consulting for families
  • Improving Communication Skills: To improve communication skills, a parent agrees to purchase a One On One Coaching package upon the third time (per learner, per course) that he or she is informed in writing that the Live Class Guidelines have been violated by his or her child without a parent providing advanced notice to the teacher. Notices of guideline violations will be provided via text message (SMS) to the provided parent emergency contact phone number. It’s the parent’s responsibility to receive, understand and respond to all such written notices of guideline violations. Failure to purchase a One On One Coaching package under these circumstances may result in the immediate dismissal of all family members from all Live Classes.

Refund Policy

If a course you purchased isn’t working due to a technology error that is our fault, you are entitled to a full refund within 7 days of the date of purchase. Please contact us by emailPlease note that we cannot provide a refund for any case in which the Terms of Service have been violated.

Info for Our Original Members

Before June of 2022, we offered a flat rate, monthly membership for unlimited courses for your family. While we no longer offer new memberships, members that were active before June of 2022 are welcome to keep their memberships active going forward at the current rate. These legacy memberships will be called Original Memberships.

There is some information below pertaining to our Original Memberships.


Important Information for Original Memberships

How To Update Your Card

To update your card (change your payment information), see the simple instructions for How To Update Payment Info.

When To Cancel Your Original Membership

Members are responsible for cancelling to avoid future charges. Please see the instructions below. We are not responsible for refunds for unused memberships.

How To Cancel Your Original Membership

The monthly original membership is just month to month with no commitment.

Once cancelled, your account access will remain open until the end of the current billing period, at which point you won’t be billed again and access will terminate. That way, you get access to courses for the entire billing period.

To cancel your monthly membership, go to the Sign In|Account page and click on Orders or Order History. View the membership, which is the order with a next payment date. The cancel button is therein.

You can message us by email for assistance.