How To Submit Your Worksheets

Please periodically submit your completed worksheets for Dr. Scott’s review.

Please be sure that you do submit your work. It helps you keep records of what you’ve accomplished, and there are certificates of completion for learners that submit their work. To qualify for advanced courses, you need to submit your work by email. 

Parents, if this takes more than a couple minutes, your learner might not be properly completing their course requirements. Please contact us if you feel it’s the case so we can help get your course on track!

How To Submit Your Worksheets

Parent, if you care about child privacy, please create a special email account such as with your learner’s first name only, for use with online classes only.

First, the learner should scan a pdf of the completed worksheet(s) printout. You might try the free Camscanner app to make a pdf from any smartphone camera.

Second, the learner should email the pdf as an attachment to a parent.

Third, a parent may forward (Fwd) the pdf to Dr. Scott to the email address shown in the image.

Fourth, Dr. Scott will reply with a confirmation after the worksheet is evaluated.

For the next assignment, use the Forward and Reply All functions in your emails to keep all the course work on one long email thread. This reduces SPAM, which enhances child privacy.

What To Expect After Submitting

Submitted worksheets land in Dr. Scott’s email inbox. Usually within a week, he reviews the worksheet and replies back. So, you should expect a reply back to every worksheet submitted to the above email. It might take longer than a week to get a reply, though, if it’s a holiday or Dr. Scott’s inbox happens to be overly full when your worksheet is received.

If you feel that there is a problem, you can always contact Dr. Scott directly using his personal email shown in the image to the right or below. Please DO NOT send attachments such as worksheets to his personal email. It’s for messages only, thanks.