College Chemistry Prep Course 1st Year Help

You’ve found the best College Chemistry Prep Course for 1st year help. Save time with those college General Chemistry classes you’re going to have to pass to get a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) and other college degrees.

College Chemistry Prep Course Breakdown

Non-Credit College Coursework

The below 2 online courses cover the introductory-level, non-credit topics for college-level chemistry courses. “Non-credit” means that  colleges may offer courses covering these topics, however, you won’t actually get college credit for taking them. Non-credit college courses are just for filling in learning gaps (the expensive way). These topics are usually first introduced in middle school physical science classes and strengthened in high school level chemistry courses. 


Writing Science Lab Reports (free)

Introduction to Chemistry (regularly $119.99)

For-Credit College Coursework

The below 7 online courses cover the topics in the first year of for-credit college chemistry classes. “For-credit” means you get credit towards graduating with your degree. There’s usually a year of for-credit chemistry courses in college, split into General Chemistry Part 1 and General Chemistry Part 2. Our First and Second Semester Chemistry courses cover these topics, respectively. Our classes in nuclear chemistry, food chemistry (biochemistry), and surface tension correspond to chapters that have been recently added to college textbooks. The dimensional analysis course puts special emphasis on the central math concept used throughout all of chemistry that you really need to know going into college chemistry.


Chemical Names and Formulas (free) 

First Semester Chemistry (regularly $99.99)

Second Semester Chemistry (regularly $79.99)

Atom Smashing Secrets/Nuclear Chemistry (regularly $24.99)

Food Chemistry/Biochemistry (regularly $9.99)

The Most Powerful Force/Surface Tension (regularly $9.99)

The Most Important Math Concept/Dimensional Analysis (regularly $14.99)

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