Immersive Chemistry Second Semester Self Paced

Do you want to experience chemistry hands-on from a real fun chemistry professor? Without needing to purchase an expensive textbook?

This 15-week class is the third in the 3-course Immersive Chemistry series, following the First Semester course.

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Course Information

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you have completed Immersive Chemistry – First Semester or a similar course covering polyatomic ions, IMFs, balancing reactions, limiting reactants, titration, and designing experiments.

Description: You’ll continue to learn more about science by using analogies that relate to concepts you already know well. Plus, you’ll see and perform a variety of laboratory activities to reinforce the concepts hands-on. Most of the advanced math, technical jargon, complicated chemicals and fancy lab equipment have been removed from the topics so you can truly master the chemistry concepts. In additional to covering all those important, traditional, second semester chemistry topics that would be found in a textbook, you’ll learn practical stuff and deeper insights into real world chemical systems. We’ll spend about half the course understanding acid-base-water chemistry conceptually, in addition to making pH predictions. You’ll learn how the whole world is in equilibrium, why matter flows, the conditions under which chemical reactions occur (or not), how to generate electricity, and the relation of all these concepts to this invisible stuff called energy.

There’s a written assignment, with solutions, for each lesson so that the ideas sink in. You’ll get up to speed with chemistry fast and develop the skills needed to have fun applying what you know about chemistry and science to understand how the world works.

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Understanding what happens in and over water, the world’s most common perhaps most complex substance
  2. Explaining the world using equilibrium
  3. Understanding the difference between equilibrium vs a changing system
  4. Analyzing and (optionally) building heterogeneous, flowing experimental rigs
  5. Using logarithms, equations, and tables of scientific data to make predictions
  6. Generating electricity

Videos and material included: 250 videos (35 hours total) plus 45 printable pdfs including worksheets, answer keys and class notes. There are 20+ lab demos and experiments to easily and safely conduct at home.

Topics: Topics are listed in the collapsible righthand sidebar at the top of this page. The topics will be active links to the course materials immediately when you sign up using the buttons to select between Single Course Lifetime Acess or Get All the Courses!

Suggested schedule: 1.5 to 3 hours per week over 15 weeks

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There are 42 Lessons in 3 Immersive Chemistry Courses

Immersive Chemistry – Second Semester is the third of three courses in the Immersive Chemistry series. Continue with Second Semester using the buttons above to select between Single Course Lifetime Access or Get All The Courses!