Most Important Math Concept Ever

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It’s called Dimensional Analysis (DA) or often just units conversion.

Improve your confidence with using Dimensional Analysis for converting units, a central mathematical concept for science, engineering, technology, and everyday life.

Learn how to implement Dimensional Analysis, a mathematical technique used to convert units. Learn about using Metric, English, and other “conversion factors.” We will discuss a general method that always works for converting any units, using conversion factors that are widely available on the internet. Learn to perform simple technical research using the internet. Importantly, you will also learn a way to “gut check” whether your calculation seems reasonable or not, so that you can gain self confidence with the method. Dimensional analysis is a central concept to all fields of science, engineering, and technology.

Upon completing the class, students will be able to answer the following types of questions:
How many centimeters (or microns, or nanometers) tall am I?
How many 2-liter soda bottles could I fill with 3 gallon-size jugs of water?
Is 100 kilometers-per-hour fast? How many miles-per-hour is that??
How many barrels (bbls) in a hogshead (Hhd) of cheese? Are those even real units???

No background in science is necessary. Students should know as background knowledge 1) how to look up information on the internet, and 2) use a calculator to multiply and/or divide several numbers.

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