Best Biology Games Online: Free Games List!!!

We found the best biology games online, and we know they’re going to help you learn biology!

The internet’s top free biology games are listed below, with a short description. Teachers have been using games for biology class effectively for many years now, and you might give them a try in your household too.

Best Biology Games Online List

Popular, top games for biology are listed below. They’re all free and educational! The biology games are perfect for students and gameschoolers alike!

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The American Museum of Natural History has a variety of biology games. Some are related to biology including games about bacteria, wildlife, DNA, stem cells, sharks, T Rex’s, endangered species, plankton, the microbiome, influenza, fossils, and ecosystems.

Ask a Biologist at Arizona State University has a variety of biology games and simulations including a bee waggle dance game, beetle dissection, a cell parts game, and a COVID pandemic simulation.

Ask a Biologist at Arizona State University has a cell you are game, in which you can you and name the parts of cells such as plant and animal cells.

The Blood Typing Game is about diagnosing blood types, to aid in transfusions.

CELLS alive! has lots of games, simulations, and information categorized into cell models, puzzles, games, immunology, and microscopy activities.

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers has a Plant Game to help students think about how plants grow.

Dr. Biology’s Educational Game is free for Android or iOS, and it’s a cell splitting a puzzle game.

Ducksters has a cell biology word search game.

Eterna is an online game and invites you to advance medical research, by inventing medicine. You’ll solve puzzles using RNA.

Field Day Learning Labs has an open source project name the Lakeland, a biology game funded by the United States Department of Agriculture to simulate agriculture, farmland, and algal pollution.

The K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma developing Perfect Strain game and to teach about natural selection and evolution. It includes a link to a free lesson that goes along with the game.

Learn.Genetics Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah has a variety of Traits Activities including a bingo game. has a cell biology crossword puzzle that makes a great quiz or fun activity for biology class.

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburg has a “Cellular” Biology game.

Minecraft Cell is an approach to modify the popular game of mine craft for teaching 9th grade biology. It describes 4 steps to modify the game Minecraft for use in teaching science classes. The page also has a lot of links to other sites dedicated to using Minecraft as a teaching tool.

MyWordSearch has over a hundred biology word search puzzles.

The Ozcan Research Through that UCLA has a malaria training game.

PBS Kids has a variety of science games about the Amazon, vegetables, leaves, and dinosaurs, just to name a few.

PhET Interactive Simulations at the University of Colorado Boulder made the Gene the Expressions Essentials covering the topics of gene expression, DNA transcription, protein synthesis, cells, and stochastics.

Quia’s matching game for biology focuses on some vocabulary related to genetics.

SCIgames has a section on astrobiology games, including searching for life, the Drake equation, the Winogradsky column, and listening for life using radio telescopes.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a popular website selling teaching materials. They also have some free biology games.

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