The resource lists are comprehensive surveys of online chemistry-related resources. They contain links to the majority of resources for chemistry available on the internet. The lists are based on our experiences as professional home chemistry educators.
There is a single, simple qualification for resources to be listed. We have selected only websites whose primary mission appears to be education in a field related to chemistry. As such, we have purposely excluded the many websites that are either online marketplaces for education, online shopping websites for educational products, textbook publishers, and organizations that are primarily religious in nature.

About paid listings

We have no business affiliation with any of the websites listed on the online chemistry resources lists. Some we know personally, some we know about due to student crossover, and some were found by internet searches. We are not endorsing or reviewing any of these resources. All of the listed websites appear to be functional, and we appreciate your feedback if you find a link not working.

There are many other websites out there appearing to have similar listings of online chemistry resources. However, in our research, we have found that these listings and reviews on other websites are predominantly paid (and disguised) advertisements. That is, other education websites pay to have their names appear on lists on the internet to increase website traffic. Our listings are not ads, and we have no business relationships with any of the listed websites.

To the best of our knowledge, one of the few websites offering unpaid and thus unbiased reviews is Cathy Duffy Homeschool Curriculum Reviews. We encourage you to check out Cathy Duffy Reviews to get more information, including reviews, about the websites on our lists.  Our lists do, however, contain many, many resources not reviewed by Cathy Duffy due to the obvious constraints on her valuable time.

Where To Find Our Online Resources Lists

Got Ideas or Suggestions?

Please contact us at if you have any input. We always welcome comments related to:

  • websites that could be added to any list
  • websites that should be removed from any list (nonfunctional, inappropriate, etc.).
  • general comments or sugestions