Remote Learning Resources Parent Guide

Welcome to the Remote Learning Resources Parent Guide for Chemistry!

It’s never been easier to learn chemistry online!

This resources list is a guide to learning chemistry online. There are over 100 links (and growing), all related to chemistry, including:

  • free online learning sites
  • best online learning sites
  • online education tools
  • video lessons online
  • free homeschool websites
  • learning resources for distance learning
  • digital learning resources
  • best free online learning platforms
  • science websites for middle school students
  • science websites for high school students

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Remote Learning Resources Parent Guide​

Online Resources for Learning Chemistry

Chemistry Courses

and Lessons

Chemistry courses and lessons

ALCS Training Center has a free Study Guide to the Systems of the Body.

Alison has a variety of short courses in the field of chemistry, with some video lessons online for free.

Aim Academy has live online science classes, including chemistry.

 Apologia Academy is a Christian organization with graded/live and video on demand classes.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Middleschool Chemistry has Big ideas about the very small. Free downloadable lessons (742 pages, 28 Mb file size).

Be Naturally Curious has mini courses.

Dive Interactive Education has 21st century science with a biblical foundation.

Excelsior Classes has science courses.

Exploration Education has had hands-on science courses since 2002.

Generation Genius has online science videos and lessons for K-8 with a free trial.

Home Science Adventures has science kits for family use for grades 1-8.

COVID-19 Computer Science Virtual Resource Center for understanding the technology behind computers, specifically computer science.

Innovators Tribe has online courses for science or electives, relating to applied science topics like technology, engineering, and architecture.

IvyRose Holistic has high school chemistry materials for GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education for the UK). It includes some basic definitions in chemistry. There is an exceptionally well organized section of organic chemistry materials for high schoolers.

Kahn Academy has textbook explanations of all the textbook topics for all the chemistry topics taught in school. Kahn Academy is a great place to figure out how to do that chemistry problem that your teacher forgot to explain.

Laser Classroom has some free science lessons for middle school.

Learn Chemistry Better is a chemistry curriculum taught by a top North Carolina teacher, Mrs. Brenda Esselman.

Math Tutor DVD has chemistry courses that are 5-10 hours in duration each, packaged in a series of volumes.

Madison Trust has a lot of information about precious metals, especially the chemistry of and investments related to gold and silver.

Michigan State University has 84 easy science lessons you can do at home.

Middleschool Chemistry is a middle school chemistry program from the American Chemical Society.

My Fun Science has online Christian science classes for homeschoolers.

Mystery Science has open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science.

Next Level Homeschool has some really basic science lessons.

Nile Red has the most awesome chemistry channel on YouTube. Highly recommended by Dr. Scott! Fun to watch, but perhaps a bit complicated, dangerous, and expensive to repeat these experiments at home!

Open Tent Academy has virtual courses for science, engineering, and STEAM.

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers has science courses.

Potter’s School has science courses.

Professor Dave Explains is a popular YouTube channel that explains chemistry, organic chemistry, and math. Professor Dave will tackle and explain the more advanced concepts for college level courses that many others won’t touch. has an 83-hour, college credit recommended CHEM101 course with free certificate.

Science Fun has a science camp.

Super Charged Science, with Aurora Lipper, has experiments and activities for young budding scientists.

TedEd has high quality educational materials, including chemistry. From Ted Talks.

Time4learning has a high school chemistry curriculum with 10 chapters and 400 activities.

The Great Courses has. a chemistry course taught by a Georgetown University professor Ron B. Davis Jr., Ph.D. The price is over $500 for the videos covering 60 lessons.

The Good and The Beautiful has a science and health curriculum for Christians.

Thoughtco has lots of chemistry lessons in a blog style format. They don’t appear to be organized into a curriculum.

Vision Learning Chemistry has well written lessons on web pages for about 20 chemistry topics.

Well-Trained Mind Academy has science courses.

Tutoring Sites

Tutoring sites

Adrian Dingles Chemistry Pages is the best way to prepare for the AP Chemistry exam. Adrian Dingle literally wrote the book, over and over again, for AP Chemistry exam prep. If you are serious about scoring high on the AP Chemistry exam, look here for materials.

Carpenter Tutoring is based in Suffolk, Virginia.

Heathers Tutors covers chemistry and AP exams.

Sylvan Learning Center has many, many classes.

Wyzant has online tutoring and chemistry lessons.

Chemistry Resourses

Chemistry resources

A and B Scott covers organic chemistry. 

American Chemical Society (ACS) is the official organization for chemists in the United States.

AOP has Christian homeschooling materials. 

Bjuprees publishes the textbook Chemistry, 4th ed. Corrections are listed at this link too.

Chem Collective has online resources for teaching and learning chemistry.

Chem Explained has a college prep high school chemistry course for grades 10, 11 and 12.

Chem4kids has chemistry for younger learners.

Docbrown has chemistry… plus biology and physics. Lots of quizzes.

Ducksters has chemistry for kids.

Education Worksheet Collection has a series of 12 free worksheets about the elements.

Elemental Science

Elemental Science has chemistry for the Grammar stage (ages 7-10), a free 50 page sample packet download. 

Elemental Science - For Teachers

Elemetal Science has the Classical Science Curriculum For Teachers. 

Flexbooks has K-12 Chemistry for High School. 

Flynn Scientific has a chemistry manual for $63USD called POGIL® Activities for High School Chemistry.

Friendly Chemistry is a complete high school-level chemistry course which uses simple language and a multitude of analogies to make learning (and teaching) chemistry easy!

Geoscience Teaching Resources has Geology Lessons from America’s Largest Classrooms

Go Science Girls – A ‘STEM for Girls’ blog compiled over 100 easy and fun science experiments that you can try at home.

Great Science Adventures is a multi-grade level curriculum for teacher and students in one book.

High School Chemistry has a good resource to look up chemistry vocabulary terms. 

Homeschool Dressage is a worksheet site. There are 30+ pages of attractive science and homeschool worksheets for K-12 learners, with thumbnail previews for browsing. 

Home Science Tools has a chemistry kit and lots of labware and chemicals in an online store. 

Hookedon Science-Experiments has experiments conforming to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Home Science Tools has a Lab Kit called LIFEPAC Science for grade 11.

Inspirit has virtual reality (VR) for fundamental concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. Built out of research at Stanford University and Georgia Institute of Technology to provide teachers the tools they need to teach difficult concepts that simply couldn’t be taught using existing tools! 

Join the Pod has teaching and student resources.

Maryville University has physics resources .

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has Open Courseware to support high school teachers.

Master Organic Chemistry has resources and tutoring for mastering organic chemistry.

Mastering Chemistry – Pearson, Textbook Publishers has online textbooks. Like your grandfather’s good old chemistry textbook, except now online!

MelScience has an outstanding chemistry experiment kit. If you are looking for chemistry wow factor, this is it!

Meta-Synthesis has chemistry info good for professional chemists.

NIST Chemistry WebBook, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has all the official chemistry data. Notably, under the General Searches heading, click on Formula or Name to search all known chemicals by formula or name, respectively.

Ptable has a periodic table with LOTS of data. You can set the periodic table to show all sorts of data. It’s a really, really great web site.

Power My Learning has hundreds of videos, games, assessments, and interactive simulations so students can investigate the world of science. Implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in your classroom.

Sapling Chemistry, McMillan Textbook Publishers has online chemistry homework. You can point and click to learn chemistry through a lengthy series of multiple choice like, textbook style chemistry questions.

SEERC Chemistry Home Learning has MS Word files of home experiments and activities.

Science Bob Experiments has home science experiments, with parental permission, of course;)

Sciences Buddies has hands-on science resources for home and school. Including a new SimPandemic interactive tool.

Scientist in School is based in Ontario and has the mission to ignite scientific curiosity in children.

Teach and Learn Chem has Normal Community High School Chemistry and Physics, about 5000 Power Point slides and 300 pages of worksheets for chemistry, AP chemistry, and organic chemistry. Dig in!

Teacherspayteachers has worksheets. Free and for sale.

The magic of chemistry with Andrew Zsydlo can be found on YouTube. They are some of the best chemistry videos on the internet. Andrew Zsydlo tells hour-long stories about chemistry, typically involving 100+ simultaneous lab demonstrations. It’s a fast, furious, fantastically entertaining approach to learning chemistry. It’s intended for kids. Note, however, that Dr. Scott has rewatched some videos many times and is still finding new things to learn. It is definitely a bit advanced, yet it is always a fun ride.

Ladderane is a customizable platform that allows instructors to create experiments to meet their own needs and learning outcomes. It provides an environment for creating virtual chemistry labs to help with remote learning.

Homeschool Resources

Homeschool resources and guides

Cathy Duffy has reviews for physics and chemistry classes, plus all things homeschool related.

Chemical Forums is a forum for highschool and university level chemistry, plus many other advanced fields. 

Dr Fred R. Lybrand has a homeschooling guide. 

Google Group Forum sci.chem has a discussion board.!forum/sci.chem 

Homeschool Mom has a homeschool guide and resources.

Jennifer Lambert: A Sacred Balance has information for homeschool families, especially Christian and military.

Homeschool Road Map has some excellent resource lists.

Karen Rodriguez at Our House has a homeschool guide and resources. 

List of books for chemistry teachers has just that. A list of books, for chemistry teachers. 

Online School Mom has a Complete Guide to Online Science High School Classes for Homeschoolers and Online Schoolers: Quality Courses for Optimal Learning.

Science Blogs has a Molecule of the day (organic chemistry oriented).

If you are in college or the later years of high school, you should know that the quality of your research could make or break your grade. With that, we are providing you the help you need to develop your research skills specifically for what is available online.