Free Chemistry Course: Immersive Basic Chemistry

This free chemistry course is a fun, engaging, approachable first course to learn basic chemistry. These free basic chemistry lessons are ideal for beginners.

free basic chemistry course

The course starts with explaining the 14-billion year old universe as we know it. Then we learn to read a modern periodic table. We’ll finish up learning some theory of acids and bases, and you’ll be able to conduct a laboratory activity in your home. (Or just watch, as you prefer.)

FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry


Course Information

Prerequisite: You have an interest in science!

Description: In this free chemistry course, you will learn about the chemical elements, where they came from, and how they are arranged on the periodic table. Understand what we know about the structure of atoms, including the “paradox” that these tiny things that make up everything are apparently mostly nothing! Realize that the elements have more than one form… to charge or not to charge… that is the chemist’s question;)

After learning some basic chemistry lessons about neutral atoms, you’ll learn about ions (charged, non-neutral atoms). They like to stick to water molecules like little tiny magnets. This explains a lot about acids and bases. You’ll see demonstrations of acids and bases, learn the theory, work out problems, and (optionally) craft your own homemade pH testing kit.

The goal of the basic chemistry lessons is to create strong foundations in the concepts of chemistry. And to show you that learning chemistry can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience free of anxiety and worry. As such, this course does NOT have any annoying math whatsoever. If you are interested in learning mathematics, please check out FREE Pre-Algebra WON, Algebra WON, or Algebra TOO.

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Understanding what atoms and elements are
  2. Knowing the “big history” of the elements forming from the simplest elements to the biggest and most complex
  3. Recognizing the different forms of the elements
  4. Reading the Periodic Table, which isn’t just a list of things to memorize
  5. Building a mental model of atoms and atomic theory
  6. Getting the basic chemistry about acids and bases (pun intended)
  7. Seeing, doing, and experiencing hands-on chemistry

Videos and material included: 65 videos (6 hours total) plus 11 printable pdf worksheets, answer keys, and notes.

Topics: Topics are listed in the collapsible righthand sidebar at the top of this page. The topics will be active links to the course materials immediately when you sign up using the Begin button!

Suggested schedule: 1 to 3 hours per lesson over 4 basic chemistry lessons

Age: 13+ years or great for any beginners with an interest in science

Cost: It’s a totally free chemistry course

Who’s This Course For?

Whether you’re a student looking for a more interesting approach than offered in your junior high physical science or high school chemistry course, a homeschool family searching for a not so scary science curriculum, expats or travelers looking for quality English language lessons while abroad, a college freshman that needs to catch up fast on what you “should” know about science, a gifted youngster, or a back-to-school adult, this is an excellent course to develop strong science fundamentals.

This free chemistry course is taught using context-based content that will connect and build upon what you already know about the world around you. Dr Scott’s unique teaching style and materials have helped thousands of learners just like you advance their understanding of science… by meeting them exactly where they are at, and moving forward from there. You’ll get all the personal interaction and feedback from Dr. Scott you need when you enroll in FREE Basic Immersive Chemistry now.

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