Algebra TOO

By the time you finish calming your worry and anxiety about “advanced” Algebra II style topics, you could have already learned them in this fun, self-paced course.

It’s the simplest approach on Earth to acquire the important Algebra II skills FAST.

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Course Information:

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you completed Algebra WON Fast or a have solid Algebra I skills.

Description: I’ll show you how to visualize algebra. That way, you won’t get perplexed looking at those big equations with all that weird notation that some so-called math guru invented in the 17th Century. No, we won’t be using a textbook written in cryptic math-speak. By the end of this course, you will be comfortable and prepared for any situation in school or otherwise involving equations, plots, and graphs.

You’ll be able to visualize equations in your mind, make rough sketches by hand, and use a fun, simple web app to precisely plot them. You’ll see how math works in the real world with applied problems including a jumping fish’s flight path (see course image), computer graphics, earthquake strength, radioactivity and pH (acidity of a liquid).

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Modeling and using simple computer graphics for real-world situations
  2. Letting a web app do the hard work so you can see the big picture
  3. Visualizing geometric shapes such as lines, polygons, circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas and vectors
  4. Understanding logarithms and scale
  5. Getting introduced to the multi-dimensional world of vectors and matrices
  6. Writing equations with functional notation
  7. Using all the relevant Algebra II techniques

Videos and material included: 145 videos (13 hours total) plus 9 printable pdf worksheets.

Topics: Topics are listed in the collapsible righthand sidebar at the top of this page. The topics will be active links to the course materials immediately when you sign up using the buttons to select between Just This Course or Get All the Courses!

Suggested schedule: 1 to 3 hours per week over 9 weeks

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