Algebra WON Fast

Algebra WON Fast is the easiest way to learn algebra fast. Learn math by seeing patterns. Learn algebra the easy way. Learn algebra fast. Finally.

how to learn algebra fast and be a math wiz

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How many times has math made you uncomfortable?

Has your learning or classroom progress ever stopped because you didn’t understand a number or equation?

Or maybe you get lost when people speak in numbers instead of Plain English?

Learn algebra the easy way. Learn algebra fast.

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Course Information

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you can do simple arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) for small numbers. No long division required!

Description: By the time you finish calming your anxiety and worry over math, you could have already learned it in this fun, new, pattern-based approach to math. It’s the fastest method on Earth for getting up to speed with practical math skills and developing solid algebra fundamentals. And it’s actually enjoyable!

This self paced course will move through Pre-Algebra and Algebra I topics that are actually used in other classes and even real life. After all, what’s the point of learning math that’s only ever used in a math class? It’s a great first course in algebra, and it’s also an excellent companion to fill in all those gaps that you are “supposed to know” as you move through school. I’ll provide you with context, motivation, important life skills, and even some jokes, in addition to a grounding in algebra fundamentals. You’ll learn algebra fast, and save time, worry, and anxiety over math in the future. And it won’t hurt, not even a little bit;)

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Performing math operations in the correct order
  2. Working with negative numbers and signs (plus or minus)
  3. Handling unknowns, squares, cubes, square roots, absolute value, scientific numbers and fractions
  4. Simplifying and rearranging polynomial expressions
  5. Distributing and factoring… the core of algebra
  6. Solving quadratic equations
  7. Knowing how many correct answers there can be to a math problem
  8. Knowing when you have found the correct answer(s)
  9. Using all the relevant Algebra I techniques

Videos and material included: 86 videos (11 hours total) plus 9 printable pdf worksheets.

Topics: Topics are listed in the collapsible righthand sidebar at the top of this page. The topics will be active links to the course materials immediately when you sign up using the buttons to select between Just This Course or Get All the Courses!

Suggested schedule: 1 to 3 hours per week over 9 weeks

Parent Reviews: How to Learn Algebra the Easy Way

Parents, how does more winning and less whining about math sound? Let’s work together to end math phobia now. This is how to learn algebra the easy way.

Real review from real parents like you, in the video below.

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