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The Best Free Self Paced High School Biology Course

If you’re interested in a self paced biology course, or you’re wondering how to self-study biology, then this free self paced high school biology course is for you. It’s free, and it covers high school biology for beginners.

Learn Biology Online for Free

Learn biology on your own in our free online course covering high school biology. The self-paced high school biology course will introduce you to cells, as well as what biologists do in the lab.

Have you ever wondered, “Can I self teach myself biology?” The answer is yes, and these are the best free biology lessons to get started. More than just a crash course in biology, we will show you how learning biological sciences can be fun, rewarding, and interesting.

The free biology course includes drawing activities and laboratory exercises, in addition to covering the cell biology basics, so that you get hands on experience acting like a biologist.

What Your Child Will Learn in High School Biology

Biology is about the study of living things. This course will cover the biology fundamentals of living cells, commonly called cell biology. Specifically, we learn about the structure and function of cells, which is another way to say what all those tiny little parts do. High school biology also covers cell division and growth. And it’s all based on the abundance of lots and lots of water, which is important to all life as we know it.

Typically, high school biology covers the basic biology of living cells, including bacteria, animals, plants, and other forms of life as well. High school biology these days also has a little bit of chemistry, specifically about water, proteins, lipids, and DNA. Courses focusing extensively on DNA, however, are more college level molecular biology, as opposed to the cell biology covered in high school classes.

Many schools are introducing online components for learning biology. As opposed to being in a traditional high school, learning biology online is becoming a great option to learn biology fast. Get started to learn biology for free with just a click!

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Scott is the course author and teaches the free high school biology course, in a convenient online format. As a former college professor, he knows how to get you started learning science!

There’s a live version on Zoom as well for high schoolers to learn biology with real scientists!

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