Online Summer Math Program for Middle School

Welcome to our online summer math program for middle school named Pre-Algebra Live.

Online Summer Math Program for Middle School

Welcome to our online summer math program for middle school named Pre-Algebra Live.

"No more math stress for my teen. Incredible result. Wow." -- Jay C.

Overview of Our Online Summer Math Program for Middle School

Pre-Algebra Live covers the topics found in normal middle school math classes and textbooks. It’s a great place to get started learning the math you really need for advanced courses like algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry.

You’ll learn about math by looking at patterns that you’ll easily relate to. The course is taught in Plain English, and there won’t be any tricky calculations or annoying numbers. This online summer math program will focus on the fundamentals you need for middle school and beyond.

There’s a written assignment, with complete video solutions, for each problem set so that the ideas sink in. You’ll get up to speed with pre-algebra fast and develop the skills needed to be confident in future math and science courses.

How to Join This Live Class?

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Course Data

Live Classes with Instructor: This online summer math program for middle school is a live, group class that meets regularly on Zoom with Dr. Scott, the course instructor.

Videos Included: The video textbook has 50+ videos (6+ hours total) including complete pre-algebra lessons, detailed worksheet solutions, and the answer keys.

Materials Included:  The course has 8 printable pdf files including worksheets and answer keys.

Time commitment: Learners typically spend 1-3 hours per week, which includes combined live in-class time and out-of-class time.

Course duration: It’s a short summer session course, totaling about a quarter of a math credit.

Instructor Support Included: Dr. Scott teaches the live class personally. He is available for questions and evaluates worksheets by email. There are grades and a certificate of completion at the end.

Who It's For

– Homeschoolers looking for middle school math credit.
– High school students that need some help with algebra 1.
– Younger learners with an advanced interest in math.
– College students struggling with math or science.
– Adults looking for a math education.
– Teachers seeking a fresh perspective on math.

Learning Outcomes

Learners completing our online summer math program for middle school will be able to:

  1. Get better at math, fast.
  2. Feel confident with numbers.
  3. Speak the language of math.
  4. Perform operations in the correct order.
  5. Understand distributing (another way to multiply).
  6. Use scientific numbers.
  7. Finally master fractions. The easy way.
  8. Use notation like exponents, squares, and square roots.

Online Summer Math Program for Middle School Topics

Lesson 1: Numbers and Order of Operations

We’ll learn about numbers and how they always “add up” the same. That’s the good thing about numbers, they are consistent, as long as they are treated properly. By treating numbers properly, we mean that you have to apply the correct operations in the correct order to get the correct results. What are operations? We are talking about good old addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Lesson 2: Numbers, Distributing, Exponents

We’ll learn about numbers and two ways to multiply. There’s the normal way to multiply, and also distribution, also called distributing. We will learn why it’s necessary to multiply two ways. We will also cover the topic of exponents, which is another way to say… multiplication. There’s lots of ways to multiply, and you will need them all for more advanced math courses. Not being able to “multiply” correctly is a major reason for students having problems with algebra concepts.

Lesson 3: Powers of Ten, Absolute Value, and Square Roots

We will learn the theory behind the numbers we use to count, which are based on the powers of ten. The lesson will focus on applying scientific format to numbers. We will learn about two mathematical functions called absolute value and square roots.

Lesson 4: Fractions the Easy Way

Don’t fret. We’ll show you the easy way to hand any situation with fractions. Fraction will come up in both real life and math class, and it’s not okay to fret over fraction. Trust us, this is going to be easy!

Course Sequence

Our online summer math program for middle school called Pre-Algebra Live is the first course in our math series.

After completing this course, you’ll be ready for our advanced math courses including Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

Meet Your Instructor

online homeschool high school chemistry course instructor headshot

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott, the course instructor. I’m also the author of the video textbook and worksheets which are included with the course.

As a former college professor, I know exactly how important those fundamental middle school math skills are. Studies have shown that this is the make or break point for future careers related to technology. Being prepared for future algebra classes is also strongly associated with graduating high school.

I developed this online summer math program so that middle schoolers  can develop the skills they need to feel confident with math. The easy way.