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A pre algebra tutorial: online, free, and fun!!! Use for a quick review, or use as complete pre algebra lesson plans.

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There are 2-10 minute video lessons for about 35 topics, plus worksheets.

About This Free Course

Hello! I’m Dr. Scott. Welcome!

My goal is to save you time. Incalculable amounts of time that could be spent learning and doing things that you actually enjoy. Simple as that.


How many times have numbers made you uncomfortable? Has your learning ever stopped in its tracks because your head was spinning after seeing a calculation you didn’t understand? Have you ever heard people talking in numbers that made absolutely no sense to you?

By the time you finish calming your worry and anxiety about math, you could have already learned basic pre-algebra skills in this fun, self-paced course with the simplest approach on Earth to acquire pre-algebra skills FAST. I promise it won’t hurt. Not even a little bit.

I made this course because it saves me time as a teacher. I love teaching science classes, which often involve some element of math and algebra. Unfortunately, a lack of math skills has detracted from learning in more than one of my classrooms. I hear this is rather common. Instead of exhausting myself teaching math one-on-one, I produced this well-organized, self-paced pre-algebra course so learners can get up to speed quickly, and I can continue teaching the science courses that I enjoy more than teaching math. You can learn more about my background here

This self-paced pre-algebra course will teach you all the pre-algebra skills you will really need outside of an actual math class. After all, what’s the point of learning math that will only ever be used in a math class? The approach of this course is to learn pre-algebra by watching, writing, and learning the patterns of math. That’s all that math is: it’s just a pattern. This course is designed for learners new to algebra; however, it is also a handy review for learners studying for standardized exams like the SAT/ACT or thinking of pursuing a college degree that may at some point involve a calculation or two. You’ll also find some motivation for where and why math is used out there in the real world. 

There are 4 follow-along problem sets in a series of videos lasting under ten minutes each. You’ll get the super printer friendly pdf files of the problem sets, so that you don’t need to waste time copying problems. Just follow along and learn at your own pace, pausing and fast forwarding as appropriate. Topics for FREE Pre-Algebra WON are listed in the expandable navigation menu, and you can instantly access all these materials by clicking on the blue “Begin” button below or also near the top of this page. 

You can use this free course for a quick review, or you can use it as complete pre algebra lesson plans with worksheets, answer keys, and complete explanations of EVERYTHING you really need to know about pre algebra.

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