Best Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum Online Course 2023

The Best Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum online course for 2023 is the best way to get started learning pre algebra math concepts! It’s an important class for middle schoolers.

The Sept 2023 (Jan-May) section is open for enrollment, meeting live on Zoom weekly on Mondays from 2:05-2:55 PM PST / 5:05-5:55 PM EST starting on Monday January 23, 2023. It’s a half-year course, and it’s fine to sign up if you didn’t take the first half, as we’ll have a fresh start with new, “integrated” pre-algebra material. See the 2022-23 course tracks or the online math course page for more info.

Overview of Pre Algebra: Middle School Pre Algebra

This online Pre Algebra Live class is a fun and easy way to build the math skills you need.
We’ll focus on learning the patterns of math, without getting lost in annoying calculations with complicated numbers.
The course will show you all the math skills you really need to succeed in math and science courses.

2023 Pre Algebra Topics Below

Our Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum meets Live on Zoom on Mondays starting January 23, 2023.

Course Data for Homeschool Pre Algebra Curriculum

Live Classes with Instructor: This live online pre algebra homeschool course is a live, group class that meets regularly on Zoom with Dr. Scott, the course instructor.

Materials Included: The online class has 20 printable pdf files including worksheets, answer keys, class notes, and a final exam. There are over 11 hours of videos explaining all of the problem sets in detail for Pre Algebra Live.

Time Commitment: Learners typically spend 1.5-3 hours per week, which includes combined live in-class time and out-of-class time.

Course duration: There are 9 lessons, and we cover a lesson about every week of live classes, meeting once per week.

Instructor Support Included: Dr. Scott teaches the live class personally. He is available for questions and evaluates worksheets by email. There are grades and a certificate of completion at the end.

Who It's For

– Middle School aged learners

High School Students struggling with math

– Homeschoolers looking for a math curriculum online

– Anybody who might take a science course at some point

Learning Outcomes

Learners completing our Homeschool Pre Algebra live course will be able to:

1. Understand numbers and operations.
2. Be comfortable with math.
3. Save time in school.
4. Know the important pre algebra techniques.

5. Be prepared for future science and math courses.
6. Learn how to have fun learning math.

Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum Topics

Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum Topics for Fall 2022 (Sept-Dec).

Lesson 1. Order of Ops
The Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum starts with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Plus parentheses. And how to use these mathematical “operations” in the correct order. The order matters a lot.

Lesson 2. Distribution
We will learn about distributing. It’s another way to multiply, and this technique is necessary to master factoring (covered in Lessons 6, 7, and 8). These techniques are really the basis of most of the algebra 1 high school topics. And they’re difficult to do on a calculator, web calculator, or smartphone app. It’s absolutely necessary to master distributing with a pencil in hand to progress beyond the high school algebra 1 level in math.

Lesson 3. Scientific format
We will diverge from the classic pre algebra topics to review scientific numbers, also known as exponential format. Why? First, because scientific numbers are useful in science classes. Second, because scientific numbers are related to distributing. And we want to have this fundamental pre algebra concept mastered.

Lesson 4. How to Handle Fractions 
We will see virtually all cases of fractions (eek!) handled the easy way (sigh!) using algebra. There’s just really a few basic cases.

Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum Topics for Spring 2023 (Jan-May).

Lesson 5. Units Conversion

We learn about converting units, such as inches to centimeters. We set up the proper math to handle this common situation.

Lesson 6. Multi-Step Units Conversion

We learn about multistep units conversions, such as feet to inches to centimeters. We set up the proper math to handle as many conversions as necessary. And we learn to check using online converter tools.

Lesson 7. The Metric System and Math

We will learn how the metric system is based on powers of ten. It ties in nicely with scientific numbers discussed in the first half of the course.

Lesson 8. Science Calculations: Density

We’ll analyze our first science equation, for density, with a focus on how the units work out.

Lesson 9. Dimensional Analysis for Science

The proper way to convert units is using dimensional analysis. It’s a broader technique used in virtually all chemistry and physics courses, and you will need this technique for high school level lab sciences courses in the future. You might say it is, mathematically, the basis of all math used in science. Dimensional analysis really is super important in science, and it’s the goal of our homeschool pre algebra curriculum to have learners prepared for science courses.

Course Sequence

Pre Algebra Live is the first course in our sequence of online math classes. It’s followed by similar courses covering the Algebra1 ad Algebra 2 topics.

Meet Your Instructor for 2023

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott, the course instructor and author of the Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum live online class.

I’m a former college science professor who knows how to make learning math fun and easy. I made this course after years of watching science students struggle because of a lack of basic algebra skills. I’ll show you all the math you really need, the easy way!

Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review live instructor and course author Dr. Scott

Why I Made the Pre Algebra Homeschool Curriculum

My goal is to save you time. Incalculable amounts of valuable time that could be spent learning and doing things you actually enjoy. Simple as that.

How many times have numbers made you uncomfortable? Reflect on how many times your learning progress stopped in its tracks because your head was spinning after seeing a calculation you didn’t understand. Or how many times people were talking in numbers that made absolutely no sense to you. By the time you finish calming your worry and anxiety about math, you could have already learned basic algebra skills in this fun, approachable course with the simplest approach on Earth to acquire algebra skills FAST. I promise it won’t hurt. Not even a little bit.

I developed this class because it saves me time as a teacher. I love teaching science classes, which often involve some element of math and algebra. Unfortunately, a lack of basic algebra skills has detracted from learning in more than one of my classrooms. I hear this is a rather common occurrence. Instead of exhausting myself teaching math one-on-one, I produced this flexible schedule algebra class with pre-recorded video lectures so learners can get up to speed, and I can continue teaching the science courses that I enjoy more than teaching math.

This algebra course will teach you all the algebra skills you will really need outside of an actual math class. After all, what’s the point of learning math that will only ever be used in a math class? The approach of this course is to learn algebra by watching, writing, and learning the patterns of math. That’s all that math is: it’s just a pattern. This course is designed for learners new to algebra; however, it is also a handy review for learners studying for standardized exams like the SAT/ACT or thinking of pursuing a college degree that may at some point involve a calculation or two. I’ll provide you with motivation and even some jokes along the way.

No long division necessary. I promise.

The units are broken down as follows for the homeschool pre algebra live online course:

Problem Set 1: Numbers: order of operations
Problem Set 2: Numbers: distributing & exponents/powers
Problem Set 3: Numbers: scientific notation, absolute value, square roots
Problem Set 4: Numbers: fractions made easy
Problem Set 5: Units Conversion
Problem Set 6: Multi-Step Units Conversion
Problem Set 7: The Metric System and Math
Problem Set 8: Science Calculations: Density
Problem Set 9: Dimensional Analysis for Science

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