Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Online Course 2022-23

Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 online course for 2022-23 is a great way to get started learning algebra 1 topics! The Spring 2023 (Jan-May) section is open for enrollment, meeting live on Zoom weekly on Tuesdays from 2:05-2:55 PM PST / 5:05-5:55 PM EST starting on Tues Jan 24, 2023. It’s a half-year course focusing on the use of algebra for science problems. See the 2022-23 course tracks or the online math course page for more info.

Overview of Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review

This online Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review class is a fun and easy way to build the math skills you need.
We’ll focus on learning the patterns of math, without getting lost in annoying calculations with complicated numbers.
The course will show you all the math skills you really need to succeed in math and science courses.

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Course Data for Algebra 1 High School Topics Review

Live Classes with Instructor: This online high school algebra 1 course is a live, group class that meets regularly on Zoom with Dr. Scott, the course instructor.

Materials Included: The online class has 20 printable pdf files including worksheets, answer keys, class notes, and a final exam. There are over 11 hours of videos explaining all of the problem sets in detail for the Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review.

Time Commitment: Learners typically spend 1.5-3 hours per week, which includes combined live in-class time and out-of-class time.

Course duration: There are 9 lessons, and we cover a lesson about every week of live classes, meeting once per week.

Instructor Support Included: Dr. Scott teaches the live class personally. He is available for questions and evaluates worksheets by email. There are grades and a certificate of completion at the end.

Who It's For

– High School aged or advanced Middle School aged learners
– Homeschoolers looking for a math curriculum online
– Anybody who might take a science course at some point

Learning Outcomes

Learners completing our Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review will be able to:

1. Understand numbers and operations.
2. Be comfortable with math.
3. Save time in school.
4. Know the important algebra 1 techniques.

5. Be prepared for future science and math courses.
6. Learn how to have fun learning math.

Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review

Lesson 1. Order of Ops
We will learn about good old addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Plus parentheses. And how to use these mathematical “operations” in the correct order. The order matters a lot.

Lesson 2. Distributing
We will learn about distributing. It’s another way to multiply, and this technique is necessary to master factoring (covered in Lessons 6, 7, and 8). These techniques are really the basis of most of the algebra 1 high school topics. And they’re difficult to do on a calculator, web calculator, or smartphone app. It’s absolutely necessary to master distributing with a pencil in hand to progress beyond the high school algebra 1 level in math.

Lesson 3. Scientific numbers
We will diverge from the classic high school algebra 1 topics to review scientific numbers, also known as exponential format. Why? First, because scientific numbers are useful in science classes. Second, because scientific numbers are related to distributing. And we want to have this fundamental high school algebra 1 topic mastered.

Lesson 4. Fractions.
We will see virtually all cases of fractions (eek!) handled the easy way (sigh!) using algebra. There’s just really a few basic cases.

Lesson 5. Solving for “x”
We will review the main agenda of algebra 1, which usually means solving for some unknown number called “x.” We will learn to isolate the variable x for all the basic cases. The idea is to undo the mathematical operations covered in Lesson 1, 2, 3, and 4, in the reverse order. Again, the order matters a lot.

Lesson 6. Factoring Perfect Squares
Will will cover the simplest case of the most important high school algebra 1 technique known as factoring. It’s a case called the “Difference of Perfect Squares.” The idea is to see how factoring undoes distributing.

Lesson 7. Factoring Expressions
We will cover more general cases of factoring polynomial expressions. There’s a strategy here, and it’s not just trial and error like many (frustrated) students think at first.

Lesson 8. Factoring Equations
The reason we factor expressions is so that we can solve equations (for the unknown number x). Factoring is a general way to solve algebra 1 style problems that have equations.

Lesson 9. The Quadratic Equation
Factoring is, however, sometimes a bit slow. The Quadratic Equation takes the idea of factoring, and produces a calculation that will always solve for x correctly. The Quadratic Equation is, you might say, a bit of a shortcut. And yet it’s extremely useful. On the other hand, sometimes it’s better or even quicker to just to solve equations by factoring. The easy test to see if a learner has truly mastered the algebra 1 topics is simple: Can a student solve an equation BOTH ways, by factoring as well as using the quadratic equation? That’s our goal for the course.

Course Sequence

Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review is the first course in our sequence of online math classes. It’s followed by a similar course covering the Algebra 2 topics.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott, the course instructor and author of the Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review online class.

I’m a former college science professor who knows how to make learning math fun and easy. I made this course after years of watching science students struggle because of a lack of basic algebra skills. I’ll show you all the math you really need, the easy way!

Algebra 1: High School Algebra 1 Topics Review live instructor and course author Dr. Scott