LIVE LEARNING Immersive Introduction to Chemistry

Like the name says, this course is an introduction to chemistry. So it’s a good starting point for learners that have never seen a periodic table. If your learner already knows a bit about chemistry, this course will promote a deeper level of understanding for science. Organizational and study skills are highly emphasized. We cover physical sciences topics at the junior high level and bridge into high school chemistry fundamentals.

Dates and Times for Live Classes:

June 23 – Sept 3 Section:
Tuesday-Thursday 9AM PST schedule
(one lesson per week)

Summer session Intro Chem meets every Tuesday and Thursday from June 23 to Sept 3, 2020 from 9-9:55 AM PST (Pacific time). Schedule is below.

Scott Beaver PhD founder learnwithdrscott Easy Hard Science
Dr Scott, course instructor

These chemistry classes will cover one lesson per week, and meet twice per week. Tuesdays will be the “main lecture” and Thursdays will be “worksheet review and questions.” Learners may attend both, one, or choose the pre-recorded video option for any lesson.

Summer 2020 Schedule

weekTuesday 9-9:55 AM PST
Main Lecture
Thursday 9-9:55 AM PST
Worksheet Review and Questions
1June 18
Lesson 1: How To Learn Chemistry (optional)
2June 23
Lesson 2: Periodic Table
June 25
Lesson 2: Periodic Table
3June 30
Lesson 3: Mass
July 2
Lesson 3: Mass
4July 7
Lesson 4: Electron Configurations
July 9
Lesson 4: Electron Configurations
5July 14
Lesson 5: Lewis structures
July 16
Lesson 5: Lewis structures
6July 21
Lesson 6: Polarity
July 23
Lesson 6: Polarity
7July 28*
Lesson 7: Acid Base Reactions
July 30
Lesson 7: Acid Base Reactions
8Aug 4
Lesson 8: Precipitation Reactions
Aug 6
Lesson 8: Precipitation Reactions
9Aug 11
Lesson 9: RedOx Reactions
Aug 13
Lesson 9: RedOx Reactions
10Aug 18
Lesson 10: Ratios
Aug 20
Lesson 10: Ratios
11Aug 25
Lesson 11: Molar Mass
Aug 27
Lesson 11: Molar Mass
12Sept 1
Lesson 12: Experiment with Ratios
Sept 3
Lesson 12: Experiment with Ratios
*It’s Dr. Scott’s birthday, and he is hoping for some beautiful lab reports;)

Course Overview Video

Click image to continue to the 1-minute Course Overview Video. It shows the 25+ hour video textbook with lab demos that’s included with the course.

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Course Information

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you have a general idea of what an atom is and can do simple arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Description: You’ll learn about science by using analogies that relate to concepts you already know well, and we’ll show you how to best use the digital materials here to get and keep your brain running at its peak performance level. Most of the math, technical jargon, and complicated chemicals have been removed from the topics so you can truly master the chemistry concepts. We’ll cover all those important, traditional chemistry topics that would be found in a textbook, yet the material has been restructured and reorganized to flow logically and actually make sense to those doing chemistry for the first time. If you already know a bit about chemistry, the unique format of this course will provide a fresh perspective for deeper insights as to how the world is connected by science.

There’s a written assignment, with solutions, for each lesson so that the ideas sink in. You’ll get up to speed with chemistry fast and develop the skills needed to have fun succeeding in future chemistry and science courses. Plan to spend about an hour out of class for each lesson.

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Reading the periodic table
  2. Understanding chemical bonding
  3. Writing chemical reactions
  4. Conducting a laboratory experiment
  5. Gaining confidence approaching science