Writing Science Lab Reports: Live Learning

Writing Science Lab Reports: Live Learning
Dates and Times for Live Classes:

Check back for a new, live experiment with science writing… every month! Scroll down for schedules.

October: Make Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda)

November: Filtration with Activated Carbon

December: Build a Battery (From a Potato!)

Writing Science Lab Reports Live Class
Sodium Carbonate (Washing soda) Experiment
October 20 and 27, 2021
Wednesdays 2-2:50 PM PST / 5-5:50 PM EST Schedule

Meets the last 2 Wednesdays of October, 2021.

weekWednesdays 2-2:50 PM PST / 5-5:50 PM EST
1October 20
Before the Experiment: Materials & Procedure
Bring to class: blank paper and pen (not pencil)
We Do The Experiment As a Group
We will do the experiment together.
2October 27
After the Experiment: Results and Discussion
Bring to class: Your report from the previous weeks and (optionally) your experiment: We will share our results and discuss the science.

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Course Information

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course if you can write in paragraphs.

Description:  We design an experiment, do the experiment, and write a report about the experiment. This class is offered every month or so, and we change the experiment each time. This time, we do the titration experiment.

You also get Dr Scott’s 23 simple steps for making a good lab report every time, guaranteed. In both video course and written formats.

The big ideas you’ll be learning:

  1. Writing a solid, readable lab report that tells a story
  2. Making a template for future lab reports to save time
  3. Thinking like a scientist before, during, and after the experiment
  4. Organizing data
  5. Making measurements that are scientifically precise