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Inorganic Chemistry describes the natural world and also solution chemistry used in the lab.

You’ll find a complete and free Inorganic Chemistry Course and Video Textbook below.

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What Is Inorganic Chemisrty?

Inorganic Chemistry vs Organic Chemistry

Chemistry has two main branches: inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is where you want to get started. The topics are about small, simple molecules that make up the world around us. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of living things, which is perhaps not so simple. High school level chemistry and college level general chemistry (freshman year) courses fall under the inorganic umbrella. If a course is about organic chemistry, it would say so. 

Inorganic chemicals are, in general, explained well by the periodic table of the elements and the related octet rule. This is a great way to start learning chemistry, as you really need to understand the periodic table well to move forward. The idea behind the periodic table is to organize the patterns of nature found in simple chemicals. Nevertheless, there are many, many other tables in chemistry as well. Learning to read the periodic table is just the first step.

Note that this term is also the name of a magazine published by the American Chemical Society.

Solution Chemistry

Chemistry describes our natural world, and it can also happen in the laboratory. Inorganic chemicals often dissolve in water or acid to make a solution. Solution chemistry happens in a lab full of beakers full of dissolved inorganic chemicals. Solution chemistry is often the focus of most chemistry textbooks. Chemistry is, by nature, and experimental science, and experiments are most easily and practically conducted in solution.

The best place to learn natural and solution chemistry is our Intro to Chemistry online course. The above Coupon Code works for Intro to Chemistry, followed by First Semester and Second Semester Chemistry. These courses cover all the classic inorganic concepts with a fresh, fun approach. We also have an organic chemistry class after you have the inorganic fundamentals down.

About the Author

Dr Scott created this free inorganic chemistry course and video textbook to show you the fundamentals of chemistry with an emphasis on solution chemistry. It’s a complete chemistry review for all the important topics you need to know to move forward with chemistry and science.

Dr Scott has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of California, and he taught chemistry at the high school and college level. Currently, he makes fun, online science classes. Learn more.

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